X Millennial Man Remastered: Episode XVII: Strip Clubs, Hangovers, and the Innocence of Halloween

Back when Halloween rocked

Back when Halloween rocked

This episode originally premiered on October 31st, 2015. The audio has been cleaned up and some parts have been edited out from the original.

Ty and RD do not care for Halloween that much. They tell you why it is not their favorite time of year. During the discussion the X Millennial Man realizes that October 31st is not so great, but the rest of the season is the best. Good beer, great weather, and a possible Evening Shade reunion. Join us and have your say on Halloween and fall.

Episode CXVI: The Things About 2017

2017 pic.png

The X Millennial Man is taking a look back at all the happenings of 2017. Join Ty and RD as they discuss the best and worst in movies, television, music, podcasts, sports, and other historic events of the year that was. Download for free today.

Episode CXI: The Years of Our Lives - 1996

1996 pic.png

The X Millennial Man is going in the way back machine to the long ago time known as 1996. Join Ty and RD as they look at the pop culture and historical events of 1996. Come on in for a listen and download for free today.

Episode CV: The Years of Our Lives - 2008

2008 graphic.png

The X Millennial Man is feeling nostalgic for the hopeful days of 2008. Were they really that hopeful? Ty and RD try to answer that question while they look back at the pop culture, sports, and other historic events that made up 2008. Download for free today.

Episode CII: We Need to Keep Talking About Charottesville

Statues? We are talking about statues.

Statues? We are talking about statues.

The X Millennial Man has a platform, and they are using it to discuss the aftermath of the tragic events in Charlottesville Virginia. RD starts off the first half by discussing the vile aftermath of how our leaders dealt with the tragedy. In the second half, Ty and RD discuss their raw thoughts about what happened, and who should take the responsibility for the terrible events. Download the podcast for free.

Mini Episode CI-2: We Need to Talk About Charlottesville

The X Millennial Man is going to give their raw, unfiltered, views on the tragic events in Charlottesville Virginia. The days after the tragic events has us even more fired up. The right wing, and many Republicans, want to blame "all sides". There is only one side to blame, the wrong side, the right wing is to blame. Join Ty and RD as they call out the un-American monsters that caused, and now defend, the hate and murder in Charlottesville. Download for free.

Read Ty's thoughts on Charlottesville. 

Episode LXXXVII: Religion, Who is it Good For?

photo by RD Kulik

photo by RD Kulik

Happy Easter / Passover week from the X Millennial Man. Today, RD is going to give a sermon on the bad people, and good ideas, in the religions of the modern world. Personal greed, and lust for power, has brought religion away from it's honorable intentions. How do we get it back. Download for free today.

Episode LXXVII: The Meaning of President Trump and the Pop Culture Vital to Endure Him

No small man can stop me

No small man can stop me

The X Millennial Man brings Tina S back to talk about what the Trump Presidency says about the America. What does his rhetoric and actions say about the US int he 21st Century? Ty and RD then spend the second half of the conversation recommending movies and music that will help us all through the madness of the next four years. Download for free and join the conversation at SeedSing.com

Episode LXXIV: The Things About 2016

It is time to say good riddance to 2016. Was all that terrible? Join the X Millennial Man as they try to find the bright spots in a year filled with dark clouds. What were the television shows, movies, music, and other pop culture that made the year tolerable? Why were so many people extra affected by the celebrity deaths of the year? Before we can look to the bright light of 2017, we need to accept the realities of 2016. Download for free and come on in for a listen.

Check out our best, and worst in pop culture for the year.






Mini Episode LXXIII-2: The Heroes and Villains of the 2016 Holiday Season


The holidays are upon us. The X Millennial Man wants to be filled with holiday joy, so they talk about some people who are making the world a better place. Unfortunately, Ty and RD also need to talk about some people who do not make the season merry and bright. Will joy beat despair? Download for free and find out.

X Millennial Man Classic: Episode XXI - Pilgrims and Indians

I only know how to say hello, not goodbye

I only know how to say hello, not goodbye

Thanksgiving is day born out of immigration. Tina S takes over the hosting duties to hear the stories of two immigrants. First up Tina talks with her mother Usha about coming from India to the US in the 1960s. Next up, Tina's friend Kay talks about escaping Great Britain for the sunny shores of America, twice.

Check out Kay Woods website kidstogo.co.uk

Episode LXVII: Trolls and Other Monsters Who Live on the Internet

Think the house is scary. The people inside are way more creepy

Think the house is scary. The people inside are way more creepy

Happy Halloween. Join the X Millennial Man as they travel the spooky roads of internet trolls. What is a MRA, MGTOW, or a Donald Trump? Why should we not travel the same paths that these creepy characters travel? Download for free and come in for a listen.

Indulge in some extra reading.

New York Times: The 282 People, Places, and Things, Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List.

I Went to a Trump Rally to See for Myself. This is What it was Like. By H. Alan Scott

Episode LV: The Dream (Teams) and Nightmares of the Olympic Games

Thousands of the best athletes from all over the world are competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics for the next two weeks. A few hundred plutocrats are getting rich due to the corruption surrounding these Olympic games. Every four years we need to swallow the inspirational with the horribleness that is the Olympics. Ty and RD share their memories of past games and speculate on what we will see in Rio. Come on in for a listen and remember the days of Mary Lou Retton, Ben Johnson, Micheal Phelps, and the one and only true Dream Team. Download for free wherever your fine podcasts are sold.

Episode XLVII: The Most Overrated Pop Culture - Non Music Edition

The X Millennial Man is pack to take down the pop culture that is overrated. Do you know what HBO, it is just tv. It is time to take out the talent trash at ESPN. The part time animal activist on the internet need to let Harambe go. Let Ty and RD set the culture right. Download it today, and come on in for a listen.

Episode XXXIX: Today's Security and Tomorrow's Pop Culture

What is the fight between Apple and the FBI really about. Thankfully we have Kirk here to explain the details of the case and talk about what encryption means to our security. Once we feel secure, Ty and Kirk talk about what the pop culture of the future will look like. Will video games replace movies? Is VHS the next media hipsters will be insufferable about? If Willie Nelson is timeless, why is he not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Come in for a listen and get all your questions answered.

Episode XXXII: Fast Food and Snacks that Challenge the Gods

Taco Bell and McDonalds seem to always release some new and exciting food item on the wanting public. Is today's Quesalupa a modern cautionary tale like yesterday's Arch Deluxe? Ty and RD dive into their taste archives and remember the great, and not so great, fast food and snack items from their younger years. Do you remember keeping the hot side hot and cold side cool? Are you thirsty for some refreshing Ecto-cooler? Join us and learn of the times our food makers flew way to close to the sun.

Episode XXX: Pop Culture Regrets

There once was a time that the X Millennial man loved the movie "Armageddon". We would be listening to our mix tape of 3rd Bass, MC Hammer, and Puff Daddy on the way to see the latest Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler vehicle. Our pants were tight rolled, and our pockets were full of pogs. We were so wrong. Join us and hear all about our pop culture regrets. What did you love that was so wrong? It was Steve Urkel right?

Mini Episode XXIII-2: A SeedSing Festivus

A lot of people made Ty and RD angry this year. Donald Trump, the Cubs, even Star Wars are not immune to the complaints of the X Millennial Man. Stay till the end and we will actually talk about what we liked in 2015, including Star Wars.