Episode LXVIII: The Best Presidential Campaign Television Ads Ever

The start, and finish, of any good ad

The start, and finish, of any good ad

The X Millennial Man is ready for the ads for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to leave its airwaves. Tina S joins us today to talk about the best, and most memorable, Presidential campaign ads ever. Little girls get nuked, old men laugh, morning comes to America, and a wife just wants her husband reelected so he will leave her alone. Download for free and come on in for a listen.

Take a look at these great ads:

Two Best Political Ads of 2016: Jason Kander and Gerald Daughtry

Yes We Can

Carly Fiorina's Demon Sheep

Mike Gravel - Rock

Ronald Reagan Morning in America and Bear

Willie Horton 1988

JFK Campaign Jingle 1960