TLC has Gone too Far with "Dr. Pimple Popper"

No, no, no

No, no, no

My wife and I watch a good amount of reality shows together. I never used to watch many, save for "The Real World", prior to meeting her. She has turned me onto these shows. They are trashy and goofy and ridiculous and I simply cannot find myself looking away. Hell, I even go as so far to pass judgement on the people that are on the shows. I have many opinions on other MTV reality shows like "Teen Mom" and "Teen Mom 2". I have let it be known how I feel about "16 and Pregnant". I enjoy a good cooking competition show. I also like stuff like "Trading Spaces". I truly think it is a very unique show.

Recently my wife has really gotten me into the plethora of reality shows that TLC has to offer. Now, TLC used to be good for teaching a lesson, or teaching me something new that I never knew before. But, much like MTV, TLC has totally changed their lineup. They are now focused on stuff like people getting married to people they met overseas on a show like "90 Day Fiance". I, no bull shit, enjoy the hell out of that show. It is insane and hilarious and wacky. The people are wild. The stuff they say is absurd, and I love every minute. I also enjoy all the off shoots they now have of "90 Day Fiance". Stuff like "Before the 90 Days", and "Happily Every After?" are just as much fun. I also find myself fascinated by shows like "Seeking Sister Wife". That show has me totally flabbergasted the whole hour, and I have so, so many questions when it is all over. I feel like that is their goal, and they nail it. Also, after reading books about the LDS church, and seeing a play like "Book of Mormon", I find that whole "religion" hilarious. So, to see these wackos talk about being in a plural marriage as "God's plan" makes me crack up every time.

Lately TLC is really staring to push the limit for what I can see before I get physically ill. One day I saw my wife watching a show on TLC called "Sex Sent me to the ER". While I thought it would be a laugh riot, it was more terrifying than I could have imagined. People getting stuff stuck in other stuff, or being attacked, or passing out or any manner of craziness that could happen, happened, and it was so scary.

Then, one night while eating dinner, I had to ask my wife to turn off a show on TLC called "My 600 Pound Life". This show is about people that weigh close to, or over 600 pounds, all due to their food cravings. I like food as much as the next person, but the way they showed these people get this heavy was upsetting. To see all the food they ate was outrageous. And to see them eat it all, that made me sick. I could not eat my dinner when she watched it. I told her that I thought I was going to get sick. She thought I was joking. I was not. This show made me ill. It was just so upsetting and gross, I couldn't handle it. I still cringe when she turns it on during the weekend.

But the other night I think she finally found the GROSSEST thing on basic cable. She had Monday off of work, and she couldn't fall asleep on Sunday night. So, she turned on TLC and a show called "Dr Pimple Popper" was on. Now, I had seen this lady on "Tosh.0" when I still watched that, and her little segment on that made me sick. But, what I saw, for maybe 5 minutes, made me really, really think I was going to throw up all the food I had eaten that day. This doctor has a gift of removing pus filled pockets that people have on their bodies. But, the way they show it getting done on the show is nuts. The poor people on this show too, I felt so bad for them. They have lived with these random pimples and pocks and just, again, pus filled sacks, usually on their faces. I saw Dr Pimple Popper pop some stuff on a lady, she had a bunch of bumps on her eyes, and it made me sick. I mean, just typing it is making me sick. So, after I saw that I told my wife I couldn't watch anymore. I rolled over in bed and just listened. And then the worst thing I could have imagined happened. Apparently a guy had a big boil on his forehead, and when Dr Pimple Popper popped it, she said, and I quote, "it looks like mashed potatoes that had too much water added to them". Oof magoof. That is DISGUSTING. Even my wife, who legit enjoys that stuff, said it was one of the most disgusting things she had ever seen. I feel like I have a pretty high tolerance for gross stuff. I have no problem with gore and horror stuff. I don't mind it. But "Dr. Pimple Popper" is a whole other level of nastiness. I honestly do not know who this show is for. I don't know who sits around and waits to watch this on Sunday nights. It is the grossest thing I have ever seen on TV, and I hope to never watch it again. I have no problem with what this doctor does, in fact, I applaud her for helping people. But, I do not ever want to see it on my television ever again. It is crazy.

I do not recommend “Dr Pimple Popper”, unless you want to be completely grossed out. It is nasty.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is all about learning about not knowing your pregnant, tiny houses, and any other of life’s important problems. Weird bodily fluids, that is not what Ty wants to learn about.

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"My Furry Valentine" is an Instant Holiday Classic


I just finished watching the “Big Mouth” special “My Furry Valentine”, and just like the show itself, this was a perfect representation of this holiday at that time of life. The writers portrayed Valentines Day when you’re a pre teen or newly teenager so well.

This show, as I’ve said many times, is the best show about puberty. So, I expected nothing less, and of course, they nailed it. Valentines Day is rough stuff when you’re in middle school. All the hormones and new feelings and puberty and just overall awfulness that is that time of life is doubled on Valentines Day. “My Furry Valentine” showed it perfectly.

In the holiday special, we have Jay who just gets overwhelmed because his pillows, which are his lovers, want too much out of him. He’s worn out. Jesse is frustrated because her parents split, and she has no one and is just angry at her mom all the day. She pairs up with Matthew, who is, as he says in the episode, “the only out kid in middle school”, because he’s alone too. Their friendship and song in the episode is great. The stuff with Nick and his hormone monstress and his feelings are perfect. He’s the nice kid who is just now starting to go through the rough stuff. Connie, the Hormone Monstress, keeps pushing him, telling him he’s in love with his mom, and he pushes back. He’s upset and going through puberty a totally different way than all his friends. But the story I enjoyed most was between Andrew and Missy. Andrew found out last season that Missy likes him. He’s trying to play it cool, but he can’t. It’s not in his nature. Missy, on the other hand, is the level headed one on the show, and the way Andrew treats her in this episode makes her start to dislike him. He’s mean and yells at her, and when she told him she didn’t like him anymore, I said, out loud, “Hell Yeah”. Then go see Andrew freak out, it was hilarious. Even the side characters had some crazy stuff go on, but again, it made me think about how I acted, or wanted to act when I was that age. I also really enjoyed the one on one interview stuff they did, making it almost documentary style.

“My Furry Valentine” was funny, real and heartfelt. Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg have something really special with this show. I know this special came out about a week ago, but I’m glad I waited until it was actually Valentines Day to watch it. It’s great and I recommend checking it out. “Big Mouth” rules and “My Furry Valentine” is just another feather, of many, in their hat.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is looking for his own special valentine this year. Could it be you?

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Ty Watches "Miracle Workers"


The new show "Miracle Workers" on TBS premiered last night. I just finished watching it, and I have to say, it ruled.

For those that don't know, the show is about God and the angels that work for him. That is the simple premise of the show at least. According to the "coming this season" at the end of the episode, there are going to be plenty more story lines. That aside, as I said, the premiere was excellent. It was magical. It was funny and absurd and goofy in all the right ways.

God is played by Steve Buscemi, and this has the potential to be one of his best. He is disillusioned. The world is going to hell around him, and he just seems fed up. He is over it. At points in the premiere you see him chugging beers, calling his lazy Susan the best thing that he has ever owned, he's watching TV just waiting to hear someone call him out and thank him. He is over it all. He wears sweats and sleeps pretty much all day long. His assistant, Sanjay(Karan Soni), clearly loves his job, but you can see the cracks starting to form. He is there to do whatever is asked of him, but the ideas coming from God now seem insignificant and, quite frankly, stupid. At one point, when God is pitching him a restaurant idea, you can see him and his anger starting to boil over. That being said, he is still by God's side when he decides that he is going to blow up Earth. I have a good feeling his story is only going to grow and grow throughout the season.

We also meet a few angels during the episode. Angela Kinsey plays what seems to be a human resource manager, and she is great. She is callous, but also caring. The main 2 angels we meet in the episode are Eliza(Geraldine Viswanathan) and Craig(Daniel Radcliffe). Eliza is an opened minded, go getting type of person. She wants to change the world, and asks for a new job. She wants to be moved from the dirt department, where she literally just messes with dirt, and Kinsey decides that she should be sent to the Prayers Answered department. She is pumped by this news. She now really feels that she can, and will, make a difference. When she finally gets to her new department, she finds that it isn't all it seems, and she only has one other co worker, Craig. Craig is good at his job, and likes what he does. He only answers small prayers, like helping people find lost keys and gloves because that is fulfilling to him. He has been doing this job for centuries, and he has gotten good at it. But, he is also in a rut, not going after big prayers, just the small ones. He just doesn't realize the rut. He has no friends, he has never had a cheeseburger, he doesn't know what a happy hour is and he barely goes outside. He and Eliza form a fast friendship, and when they make a bet with God that they can answer an impossible prayer, you can see that they genuinely enjoy one another's company. I love when shows take this route with religion. I myself am not a religious person, so when someone makes jokes about the afterlife, and really embellishes it, I am on board.

As I said before, Buscemi is so perfectly cast for this role. He is tremendous. But so are Soni, Viswananthan and Radcliffe. They really add a great deal of comedy to the show. I found myself laughing out loud watching the episode. I am so excited to see where it goes from here. Simon Rich, who also wrote for "SNL", "Inside Out" and the very, very underrated "Man Seeking Woman" has what seems to be, at least in my opinion, a great show with loads and loads of potential.

I cannot recommend "Miracle Workers" enough. It is awesome, and I assume it will continue to be.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He, like his idol Homer Simpson, practices his own kind of religion. Just the other day he took the day off for the Feast of Maximum Occupancy.

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Ty Watches "Fyre" and "Fyre Fraud"

Pretty much this

Pretty much this

In the past week I have seen both of the Fyre Festival documentaries, “Fyre” on Netflix and “Fyre Fraud” on Hulu, and boy do I have some thoughts. 

Right off the bat, screw everyone that was involved with this monstrosity save for the people that actually live in the Bahamas. The Bahamian's are the only people that I felt anything for. They got screwed over by spoiled rotten rich white kids that are thieves. They also got screwed over by Ja Rule too. Man is he a real piece of shit.

Ja Rule’s actions pale in comparison to the monster that is Billy McFarland. This dude is such a compulsive liar. This dude screwed so many of his employees out of money. He simply did not care about anyone but himself. All he wanted to do was go to an island and party. He figured everyone else around him would solve all of his problems. And when they didn't, he just continued to dig himself a deeper and deeper hole. He was way, way in over his head. And his way to "solve" these problems was to launder money, commit fraud and lie to all the people that worked for him. He is a true piece of human garbage. He deserves all the jail time he is currently serving. He deserves to have all of his possessions taken away from him. No one should ever work with him again. I'm pretty sure no one will. He is a horrible example of too much too soon. He is also a horrible example of growing up with a silver spoon. I feel exactly zero sympathy for him, his girlfriend, his parents and his so called friends. They helped create this monster, and the fact that they still are trying to clear his name is absolutely appalling to me. I genuinely hate this guy.

As I said at the top, everyone else is culpable. Everyone else is guilty. They could have hurt or killed someone, but all they cared about was their dumbass festival. The guys who run the company "Fuck Jerry" can go to hell. Those assholes are creeps and thieves and your prototypical frat boys that deserve a solid punch in the face. The guy that was going to perform a sex act to get water, he is as much to blame for Billy McFarland. I know he is supposed to be one of the "heroes" of the doc, one of the guys we should be rooting for. I do not root for him. Yes, the way he was treated was terrible, but he was willing to do stuff he didn't want to do so he could help out McFarland. That is rough stuff.

All the dip shits that worked at Fyre that thought all this nonsense was going to fixed are to blame. They may have tried to call him out, but none of them walked away. They stuck around even when they said they knew it was going to be a disaster. For example, we have the yoga guy. He comes off in the Netflix doc as someone that was hurt by this. He wasn't. He still went to the Bahamas and he still was willing to do what Billy told him to do. Grant, the guy that kind of ran everything is awful. He is a demanding little nerd that let the power go to his head. He thought he was a boss, and he thought he could get away with his bull shit. He can' t and won't. He will probably do some jail time, and he deserves it. For Ja Rule to come out and claim he had nothing to do with this after the fact is ridiculous. He was just as involved. He wanted this to happen. He was on board until it all blew up in his face. He is the epitome of a washed up former star.

And then we have the people that went to this festival. I'm sorry, but why should I feel anything for these spoiled rotten little brats that spent thousands and thousands of their parents money to go see Major Lazer and Blink 182? I don't feel a god damn thing for them except anger. They are little brats that didn't get exactly what they wanted, and they complained and complained. As Ron Funchess put it, "if you have thousands of dollars to spend to see Blink 182, and you end up in a Fyre situation, that is Darwinism at its best". Their attitude, and looting mentality once they got to the island was absurd. They are the worst of the worst. These kids and these "influencers" are awful people that only care about money and how many likes they get on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is disgusting.

Both these movies painted a great picture of how poorly managed this whole thing was. They showed that, just because you have money, it doesn't get you out of real trouble. I'm upset that the Netflix one was produced by the "Fuck Jerry" guys because it made them look not so bad. They are bad guys. The Hulu one is better, and more damning of that shithead McFarland. They actually got him to do a one on one interview, and to see his punk ass squirm is just magical. Both docs are good, but Hulu's is much more eye opening.

I'm glad that the main culprits of all of this horribleness are getting what they deserve. This thing was going to be bad from the jump, and to see it all blow up in their face made me very happy. I know that may sound childish, or seem like the worst kind of schadenfreude, but I don't care. The Fyre people didn't care about anyone but themselves, and to see them get their comeuppance is grand. I recommend both docs, but I prefer the Hulu one. Either way, Billy McFarland sucks, Ja Rule is an ass and everyone else is to blame.

The people of the Bahamas did not deserve to have this happen to them.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He was thinking if people paid this kind of money to see Blink 182, what could Ty get if he put a festival together with Prodigy and Smashmouth. Are you in?

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Ty Watches "Trigger Warning with Killer Mike"


Last week I finished one of the best shows that I have watched on Netflix. It only took me 2 days, which is very fast for me, but I finished all of "Trigger Warning with Killer Mike". It has been well established how much I like Killer Mike on the site and podcast. I love his music, his politics, and now, I love his new TV show. The show has a great premise, and with Killer Mike at the helm, it is pure perfection.

For those that may not know, the show is essentially about 6 problems that Killer Mike wants to fix. He takes this job very seriously too, but there is definite humor in the show. In episode one he talks about how to "live black. That is the title of the episode. Throughout the 25 minutes he tells the viewer that he will only buy from all black owned stores, restaurants, companies, doesn't matter, as long as it is black owned. He talks about how this used to be fairly easy, but it has become very hard as of late. He portrays this perfectly. I felt real bad for him at times because of how hard this exercise was. He found a lot of new problems and it was interesting to see him get through the three days.

In episode 2, entitled, "F*&k School", he talks about how public education is failing kids. He wants these kids to learn a vocation. He even goes to a first grade classroom, tells the kids that their dreams will most likely not come true, and brings in a buddy to show them how to fix household items. He soon realizes that he needs to go to older people, and see how smart they are. They are not very smart. But, he enlists his buddy from before and a "cam girl". He talks to them about making pornographic self help videos. They all get on board and do this. And you know what, it works. It was so hilarious, yet very eye opening. People nowadays are so attached to screens, and pornography is a big time industry. So Killer Mike uses this, and it is successful. It was great.

In episode three, "White Gang Privilege", he talks about how unfair it is that the Hell's Angels get a free pass, but the Crips and Bloods are looked upon as killers and criminals. He shows us that you can even buy Hell's Angel's stuff online. He enlists some Crips, and they start a soda company. He also gets the Bloods involved, who start another soda company. But he shows us that they can coexist, bringing them to a farmers market to sell their sodas. Nothing bad happens, and they even have some success. It was, my favorite word this blog, eye opening. To see how people changed their perception of the soda once they realized it came from Crips was wild. We also meet Mario in this episode. He is a key player in the series from here on out.

In episode 4, "New Jesus", we meet Sleep, Killer Mike's buddy. Mike decides that he is going to start a religion, the Church of Sleep, based on this dude's life. He is cool, calm and collected. He likes strip clubs, weed and sleep. And you know what, he gets a congregation. It is a wonderful episode. It might be one of my favorites.

Episode 5, "Outside the Box" was CRAZY. Mike decides he is going to use music to get to everyone. He uses it himself to get his word out, so he decides he is going to make a "super group" to open a RTJ show. This "super group" is filled with all different kinds of people. There is the previously mentioned Mario representing Latinas and gays, we have another albino that is a black lives matter leader, a Jewish lady that is into renaissance fairs, a horrific white nationalist, an African American that is a Jesus freak, and so on and so forth. It is wild. They fight and bicker the whole time. They wrote their own verses to a song, and they are rough. And to see them open for RTJ, and to get the fans point of view, it was something else.

The final episode of the first season, I hope he does more of this, is called "Kill Your Masters". Killer Mike kind of takes pieces from each episode he has done before and starts a new country, "New Africa". He is the leader and buys the land and sets everything up, but again, we have people bickering everywhere. They even have an election, one Mike doesn't win, or did he set it up that way? This was such a great way to close out the first season. It was a perfect summation of, what I hope is the first season of many. I hope he makes more of this. I love this show. It was tremendous, and Killer Mike is the voice I follow most in the music industry.

So, as Killer Mike says, I will go out and purchase something from a black owned company. If Crip A Cola comes to Saint Louis, you better believe I will buy it. One day maybe my son will watch one of the videos he made to learn a trade. And I would love to visit New Africa one day. My hat goes off to Killer Mike and everyone involved with "Trigger Warning". It is one of the best shows of the year so far. Check it out.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He once tried to start his own religion that centered around Skittles, Michigan Football, and Gatorade. Want to join?

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Ty Watches "The Other Two" Series Premier


Last Thursday another show I was looking forward to in 2019, "The Other Two". had its series premiere. I was pretty excited about the show when I heard that Drew Tarver was cast as one of the leads. I'm a fan of his, especially whenever he is on "Comedy Bang! Bang!". He is a funny improviser, and I just enjoy him. When I found out that Chris Kelley and Sarah Schneider, former "SNL" head writers, were the creators, I was even more excited. I then saw some of the little previews and snippets that Comedy Central was releasing, and they all made me laugh. This just furthered my excitement. So, after I recorded the premiere, I watched it the next day.

It did not disappoint.

For those that may not know, "The Other Two" is about a family of three, who's father has passed away, and the youngest brother becomes ultra famous over night. He is a pop singer, and his song, "I Want to Marry You at Recess", becomes an enormous viral hit. He has 2 older siblings, one played by Tarver, the other played by Helene Yorke. They are not so successful. Tarver is a waiter and wannabe actor. The first scene with him, where he is at an audition for a commercial as "guy who smells fart", is wonderful. Yorke is, I think, a realtor, and when we first see her, she is squatting in an apartment building and eating day old pizza and splashing her armpits with soap and water. These 2 introductions are great. What makes them even better is the fact that their young brother is on "The Today Show", with their mom, the excellent Molly Shannon, and he is just being fawned over by everyone. They love him so much we even hear Hoda Kotb say that they had to bump Jennifer Lawrence because they went so long with Chase. That is the young kid's name, Chase Dreams he calls himself.

What made the premiere so good was how they kept showing the other 2 siblings lives, all the while they were watching their brother on TV. Tarver is a little jealous and is taken aback by how quickly his little brother is becoming famous. Yorke is a bit more angry, but she is constantly listening to her brother's song, and keeps saying that this year, she is "going to chase dreams". The episode was funny, but also very sweet.

Some of the best scenes in the premier include Tarver's boss at the restaurant telling him and the other gay waiter about all the gay movies he has been watching with his wife lately, namely "Brokeback Mountain", which he mentions twice. The stuff between Tarver an his "straight" roommate is going to make for some compelling stuff. I already mentioned the audition, but Tarver also has a job as an actor for a tour bus, where he dances. It was great. Yorke, in her mission to "chase dreams", says that her big plan is to "see 50 dicks" this year. She also is fervently working out while listening to her little brother's song and talking to her co worker about all her plans. She also talks about how she just broke up with her long time boyfriend because he still dabs and says, "damn Daniel". It was great. 

The sweetness comes from Shannon and the little brother. Chase isn't really ready for this life. He can't believe he is famous, and he just wants to hang out with his brother and sister. He also talks about how much he misses their dad. Shannon clearly loves all her kids the same. She doesn't care that Chase is famous, and the other 2 are struggling, she just wants them all to be happy. She is doing every thing she can to make sure her kids are happy, and okay. She seems to be a great mom, and not a "momager". The final scene in the premiere, where Chase sleeps in the hotel bed with his siblings because he doesn't feel well was so heartfelt. I loved it.

“The Other Two” has serious potential. I cannot wait to see where it goes from here. I also appreciate that they didn't make Tarver and Yorke out to be villain like. They love their little brother, they just can't believe how fast he has become famous, as I imagine happens in a lot of families where one of the children gain sudden fame. They just want what is best for their brother. I'm glad this show got the greenlight and I'm happy to watch it. I suggest you all check it out too. It is great.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is the youngest of four siblings, and understands how hard it is for his older brothers to have to deal with their little brother’s fame. Suck it up guys. You can crash on Ty’s coach if need be.

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Ty Watches "Black Monday" Series Premier

Yesterday I watched the premiere of one of the shows I was looking forward to in 2019, “Black Monday”. I’m a David Caspe fan, so when he has his name attached to a show, especially one he’s co created and written, I’m in. “Black Monday” was no exception. I have been looking forward to this show since I first heard about it, almost a year ago.

And it did not disappoint. When I heard the names being cast, and that it was going to be on a premium cable channel, Showtime, I just assumed it would be good. Not only did we have Caspe on board, the actors are great. Don Cheadle, Regina Hall and Andrew Rannells are the three main characters, and they’re wonderful. Hall is a total badass, that can more than hold her own in the male dominated world of the 80’s stock market. That’s when the show takes place, right before a humongous market crash in 87. Back to Hall. Not only is she a badass, but she does have a heart. She cares about her job, and some of the people she works with. She also is clearly the smartest person in the room. She knows better than everyone else, and has a good head on her shoulders. She’s terrific. Rannells is the fish out of water, trying to impress his girlfriend. He plays a genius trader that created this “perfect” algorithm. But, the scene in the premiere when he tries to double 50k in 4 hours, shows he is in way over his head. The way Rannells portrays his character is so good. He’s too nice. He’s too smart. He’s too gullible. He lets others control what he does. But, when he needs to, he can stand up for himself. When he storms into the office to demand a job, that scene was pretty wonderful. I am also a big fan of his, because of “Book of Mormon”, the only thing I’ve seen him in. So to see him play a totally different character is always fun for me as a viewer.

Then we have Don Cheadle. He can do no wrong. He is one of the best living actors. His character is slimy, mean, does copious amounts of cocaine, spends money just to spend it and acts like he’s the greatest dude ever. And you know what, I found myself openly rooting for him by the end of the episode. Cheadle exudes confidence, and he does that tenfold on “Black Monday”. When he berates his team for being the 11th ranked firm in New York I found myself agreeing with him. When I saw the painting of him doing coke I thought, that’s pretty dope. When he tries to hit on Hall, only to be rebuked by her boyfriend, I wanted Hall to go with him. When he brags about his Lamborghini Limbo, and Rannells says to him,”so you have a slow uncomfortable car?”, and he responds, “ I got it because it was the most expensive!”, I thought, hell yeah you did. Even when he first bumps his robot butler, you read that right, after doing more cocaine, I just found myself rooting for him more. Cheadle is so awesome.

Outside those three, the rest of the major cast is filled with improv actors. Paul Scheer, who I praised yesterday, is on this show. So is Eugene Cordero. Kurt Braunholer plays a dude named Ty, so I’m in on him. Yassir Lester wears a full head garb, and calls himself Yassir X. Ken Marino plays twin brothers, who may or may not be romantically involved. And Casey Wilson plays Rannells girlfriend. And when she slaps him twice in a row in the episode, it was hilarious.

I’m pumped to see where “Black Monday” goes from here. It has a tremendous amount of promise and intrigue. I highly recommend everyone check it out. It’s so good.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He remembers the high energy time of 1987 not because of the cocaine but because of the joy any 5 year old would have getting ready for new episodes of the original “Duck Tales”.

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Millennial Nostalgia: "The League" was Great Television Anchored By Three Great Actors


I have been re watching "The League" on Hulu for the past couple months. I was a fan of the show when it was on, I watched it on Netflix, and when I saw it was on Hulu, I decided to give it another viewing. The show is very good. It is well written, well acted and it seems like the people involved had a lot of fun making it. It was also pretty cool to see a show centered around fantasy football.

In this third viewing of the show I have realized 3 of the performances stand above all else. The other actors are still great, I enjoyed them all, but Paul Scheer, Nick Kroll and Jason Mantzoukas are, far and away, the best part of the series. Paul Scheer plays Andre, the put upon friend that everyone else makes fun of, even though he may be the most successful. Andre is the number one plastic surgeon in Chicago, he has a humongous apartment and seems generally happy. He even won the league twice in the series run. But, everyone makes fun of him. He is the butt of all the jokes. He has to do the worst punishments. And he takes it all in stride. The way Scheer portrays this character is so perfect. We all know people like this. We all had or have that friend that we keep around to bag on. Sometimes it may be you that is that friend. But the way Scheer does it is so good. He is funny. His outfits that he wears are so bad, and when he tries to rationalize how great they are, you almost believe that he truly believes it. His unlucky love life is hilarious. Be it the girl he blinded or his crazy Uber driver or Meegan, he plays them all perfectly. And to be the type of guy that buys into whatever fad is the thing at the time, I loved it. When he was an urban forager I loved it. When he was wearing a daishiki, hilarious. When got into vlogging and internet culture, it was tremendous. Scheer was so, so good on this show. It is the best thing I have seen him in to date, and that includes "The Disaster Artist" or "The Good Place". He was phenomenal on "The League".

Nick Kroll, as the smug and arrogant Ruxin, was equally as great. He played the insecure and over confident lawyer so well. He was the shit talker of the group, yet he still believed that everyone was colluding against him whenever his team got beat. He was never really secure with much of anything going on in his life. Every time Taco, Jon Lajoie, was at his house, hanging with his wife, you could see the jealousy. When his friends would convince him to do something stupid in fantasy football, he would just do it against his own will. He was the one fantasy player that constantly second guessed himself. Even when he lost his wife, a very weird turn in the final season, he still tried to get easy fantasy football wins. His own wife's death didn't stop him from trying to win a stupid trophy. His smugness, his shit talking, his tinkering, it was all so perfect. This is clearly one of his best roles.

But, the best of the best, and this may be a hot take, was Jason Mantzoukas as Rafi. He is so gross, weird, scary and absolutely hilarious. My favorite episodes are the ones that feature him and Dirty Randy, Seth Rogen. A lot of people hate these, but I adore them. The episode entitled "When Rafi Met Randy" is my favorite of all time. To see them in a mental institution, and turn into the characters they became there was so amazing. Outside of the episodes featuring him and Randy, whenever he showed up with the main cast, I always got pumped up. I knew it was going to be great. When he first shows up, and he, Pete and Andre go to a party, and he agrees to be the designated driver, then gets hammered, awesome. When he starts to date Ruxin's au pair, played by Brie Larson, tremendous. When he "meets" up with sex addict Russell, Rob Huebel, it was disturbing and hilarious. When he helps film a porno in Andre's loft, I was cracking up the whole time. But, outside of the Dirty Randy episodes, again, was after Sofia died, he stays to help Ruxin grieve. It is so weird and gross and disturbing, yet I found myself enjoying his performance more and more.

"The League" was a great show, but Scheer, Kroll and Mantzoukas were far and away the best part of the 7 seasons. If you are considering watching the show, or revisiting it, watch these three a little closer. They really stand out. I'm glad I watched it again, and I'm glad that I paid more attention this time to all the actors. These three really shined.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is next thinking of going into the way back machine and find out just what is “Blue’s Clues”

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Ty Watches "Those Who Can't" Season 3


I promised I would do three reviews of new seasons of three shows on Tru TV and today I come to you with the third.

I have been on the "Those Who Can't" bandwagon since season 1. I think this show is hilarious, I love the actors, the writing is superb and the show is just super enjoyable. This Monday they had their season three premiere, and it did not disappoint. This show is good. It is also underrated too. It doesn't get talked about nearly as much as it should. The three creators of the show, Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy and Andrew Overdahl, clearly have some spent some kind of time as a teacher in high school, be it as a full time or sub, and on "Those Who Can't", they tell those stories hilariously. Adam Cayton-Holland, as Spanish teacher Loren Payton, is hilarious as the laid back, doesn't give a damn high school teacher we all had. He would rather be battle rapping, proposing to a stripper or pulling pranks than teaching a class. He is great. Ben Roy, as Billy Shoemaker, is the wannabe badass who is really just a wimp at heart. This season he also has a pony tail, which made for a ton of great pun work in the season three premiere. And Andrew Overdahl, as Coach Principal Fairbell, is the dumb dumb. He is gullible, wants to please his friends and loves to coach volleyball. He also was hilarious in the premiere. When he has to fire someone, it is just a wonderful scene. And the other regulars on the show, be it Maria Thayer as Abbey or Sonya Eddy as Tammy or Susie Essman as art teacher Leslie Bronn or Rich Fulcher as Trebin, they are all great. They are all funny. They all play their roles to perfection. Thayer is a total pushover that doesn't know it. She is a great comedic actress. Eddy is so so so good as the principal's assistant. She is the true badass on the show. Essman is conniving and mean, but also just wants to help some people out. Fulcher is hilarious as the teacher that just wants to be part of the gang. They also added Jerry Minor as the guidance counselor this season, and if the premiere is any indication of his role, he is going to be a great addition. I'm curious to see if Kyle Kinane, the Sklar Brothers and Rory Scovel come back this season. I'm sure they will, but time will tell.

"Those Who Can't" is a great comedic representation of life in high school for the teachers. The show might be the best representation of how teachers really feel about their jobs and their lives. It is a great show, and I want more people to watch it so it gets another season. I'm glad it is back, and I'm stoked to see how season three unfolds. Tru TV has done it again.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is happy the “noble” profession of teaching is getting the take down it deserves. Can we do doctors and lawyers next?

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Ty Watches "Jon Glaser Loves Gear" Season 2


Another day, another review of a Tru TV show.

I'm a big time Jon Glaser fan. I pretty much adore everything he is in. He has this very odd sense of humor that's just my style. He is, hot take here, the best thing about one of my all time favorite shows, "Parks and Rec". So, when I heard that Tru TV was giving his show, "Jon Glaser Loves Gear" a second season, needless to say I was stoked.

The first season of the show, which I have written about, was weird, funny, informative and so perfectly Jon Glaser. I did not think they would do a second season due to many different reasons. The first season kind of put a pin on everything. I knew no one else that watched the show. My wife watched one episode with me and thought it was bizarre. I even had the thought of, how could they do more.

Well, they figured it out. The season 2 premiere, which was on right after "I'm Sorry", Wednesday night is fast becoming one of my favorite nights for TV, was incredible. And it brought all the oddity and weirdness and hilarity from season one. The premiere started like most episodes, where Glaser says he is going to talk about volleyball equipment. We never hear about volleyball equipment again after the very first scene. Instead, the show decides to go in a different direction, taking more of a darker comedic tone. The executives behind the show decide they want Glaser's sidekick, Steve, to be the host. They tell Glaser that viewers like him more, he is more informative, personable and just seems a better fit. Glaser does not take this news well at all. He wants to be the star. They tell him he can still be in the show, but he is now the sidekick. We then cut to Glaser talking to Steve in his office, and he tells him a complete lie. He says that the people don't want him on the show, but he fought for him. All he has to do is take on a seemingly undoable outdoor task in the frigid cold. Glaser makes it all up, but Steve, being the perfect sidekick, says he will do it because Jon fought so hard for him. From here on out, we get scenes of Glaser hanging out with his hired family, that are paid to only give him compliments. We see Glaser try to take on Steve's persona, including wearing a bald cap, fake tattoos and joining a cross fit gym. We also get Glaser saying his final good bye to Steve when they trudge out to the forest.

Here we meet Steve's answer to Geari, for those that may not know, Geari is Glaser's gear version of Siri, Droney. Droney is a female drone that will document Steve's journey. Geari immediately falls in love. Some things happen from here on out that spell doom for Steve. I will not go into too much, but there is a funeral for someone who may not be dead. Glaser also goes on a mission to find a newer, seemingly weaker sidekick. He picks his real life son's camp counselor, who clearly wants no part of it. All the while he is still wearing the bald cap and trying to be like Steve.

This premiere is what I love about this show, and the fact that Tru TV gave Glaser this second season. The show is nonsensical in all the right ways. Every time he yells "GEEEEAAAARRRRR!" into the megaphone, I laugh. I know it's coming, and I still laugh. All the little side notes, saying what kind of coat, or knife or tattooing device or hair clippers that get used in the show were so unimportant, yet I found myself thinking, man I'd like to get some of that stuff. And it is all helmed by the genius that is Glaser. While "JGLG" may not be as good as "Delocated" or "Neon Joe Werewolf Hunter", I still really find myself enjoying this show. It is fun and weird and a great way to spend a half an hour. I'm excited to see where they go with the new Steve story line, and I know there will be some new, even funnier stuff in the second season. Tru TV,

I said it yesterday, and I will say it again today, is picking some great, under the radar people to helm their shows, and for people like me, it is working. This is another homerun from the network. Keep it up Tru TV.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He has just recently gotten into volleyball, and really could have used some pointers on good volleyball gear. Oh well, maybe next time

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Cloves and Fedoras: Seriously, Go Check Out the Awesome Comedy "I'm Sorry"


Cloves and Fedoras is Seed Sings reviews for little known pieces of pop culture.  Feel free to contact us with your own submissions of undiscovered gems that must be known.

The next three days I am going to be talking about the new seasons of three shows on Tru TV. Tru TV is starting to put out shows helmed by comedians and writers that I really enjoy. It is pretty cool that they are giving these people a shot, and I have loved the material so far. The first show I want to talk about is the absolute best of the bunch.

"I'm Sorry" might be my new favorite show on TV. Sure, "Atlanta" is a better overall show, but in watchability and enjoyment, "I'm Sorry" is second to none. My wife and I rammed through season one after I heard creator Andrea Savage talk about the show on a podcast. I have always been a fan of hers, and my wife is just the same. She thinks Savage is hilarious and relatable. I agree. Season one of the show, I have written about it before, was excellent. My wife and I watched the full season three times. Everything about season one was just perfect. So when we heard that it was picked up for a second season, we were stoked. We would watch all the trailers that started to come out about a month ago. I would tell my wife about certain things, pertaining to the show, that Savage was tweeting about. We were very anxious for the second season to come out because we love this show so very much. And last Wednesday we finally got the second season premiere.

“I’m Sorry” crushed it once again. The show is just as funny, if not funnier, than season one. What I love, as I said before, the show is relatable, especially for a married couple with kids. That was a main through line for season one, and their daughter going to kindergarten was the main plot line of the season 2 premiere. We just went through that same thing one year ago. Our son is now in first grade, so seeing Savage interact with her friends who have kids going to the same school, it was like looking in a mirror. And the whole interaction about the teachers, my god was that hilarious because it is what all parents do.

Savage makes it so much more funny because she is a brilliant comedic writer. The cast around her is dynamite. Tom Everett Scott, who you all might remember from "That Thing You Do", is so great as her husband. The scene where he wears a tank top is comedy gold. Also, when he sees Andrea's mom's nipple, just so, so funny. Andrea's mom, played by Kathy Baker, is the perfect and typical grand parent. She lets Amelia, played by Olive Petrucci, get away with everything. And the aforementioned nipple scene, she does some great things with that. Also, the back and forth between Andrea and her daughter, after her parents tell her to make friends and hang out with older kids, about periods and pubic hair was amazing. It is a conversation I know is coming to me, so to see it portrayed on a great show like "I'm Sorry" almost makes me feel prepared. Almost. And then there is one of my favorites, Jason Mantzoukas. He plays Andrea's writing partner on the show, and he is a delight. He is essentially playing himself, and he, of course, crushes it. When Andrea asks him how much he thinks she could make as a prostitute, which is another excellent minor story point in the premiere, the back and forth between them rivals the conversation she had with her daughter earlier. Mantzoukas is a treasure.

The only bad thing I have to say is, I wish I could watch the whole season right now. I don't want to wait week to week. Being able to consume all of season one in 2 days was almost the wrong thing to do. I love this show so much that I want to devour it all as soon as possible. Other than that, this show is perfect. I'm very excited to see where season 2 takes us. But I know, wherever it goes, it is going to be great because Savage is awesome.

Everyone should be watching this show. "I'm Sorry" is one of the best things on TV right now. It is a gem.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. We said it last time and we will say it again. Ty is a big supporter of shows married couples can watch together. Shows like "The Red Shoe Diaries", "Coed Confidential", and "The Erotic Traveler".

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Ty Watches "Bandersnatch"


Okay, I have now watched “Bandersnatch” 3 times. I’ve seen, at least I think I have, all 5 endings and I have some thoughts. First things first, just like my “Bird Box” review, this is going to be as spoiler free as possible. Okay, let’s get into it.

I need to say right off the bat, I LOVED “Bandersnatch”. I am a “Black Mirror” apologist, and I will never say a bad thing about the show. That being said, the show is amazing, so that will never be a problem for me. With “Bandersnatch”, I was completely fascinated, and totally engaged every time I’ve watched it. I really think the writing was exceptional. The acting was tremendous. The “choose your own adventure” aspect of it, for someone that has never experienced that, was awesome. Sure it could be a bit overwhelming at times, but that never took me out of it. The story that is the basis of this, I don’t know if I should call it a movie or an episode, maybe a “moviesode” we will go with I guess, was dark and bleak and everything I want from “Black Mirror”. The idea of creating a computer game in the 80’s is fascinating to me. I like to see the old tech compared to the new age stuff. I like to see how it used to be done. I also like, and appreciate, how the writers of the show are able to show us the bad side of technology in all decades. I feel like that is one of “Black Mirror”s main objectives, and they nailed it again in “Bandersnatch”.

As for the performances, man where they excellent. Will Poulter, as Colin Ritman, the genius game maker, was outstanding. I don’t get the hate that he is getting online. He was outstanding. I really loved his performance, especially his monologue when he and the main kid were tripping on acid. Craig Parkinson, who is the main character’s dad, was so good. He had this subtle way in his performance that almost made me feel bad for him, even though he may be a monster. Alice Lowe as the therapist was totally believable. I completely bought her as a psychiatrist. She pulled it off.

But the star, and rightfully so, was Fionn Whitehead as Stefan. He’s the main character and he was outstanding. The way he showed his character’s slip onto insanity was so good. I mean, it felt real, no matter what path you chose for him. To think that he had to act it out in so many different ways, to do all this different stuff, it is truly remarkable. That is a big time credit to his ability as an actor. And he was amazing. To see him go through all that was, it was just, WOW. To watch him deteriorate as a person, Whitehead really crushed the performance.

As far as the story goes, I liked the basic through line in all the various ways the story could go. It was essentially about our free will as people, and while free will may or may not be a thing, “Bandersnatch” did a great job of showing how we use, and let others, control it. Giving the viewer the choices, and having Stefan yell at the viewer from time to time was so cool and new and interesting. I continue to be blown away that “Black Mirror” can still surprise me. How they can still make me think. How they can still make me pore over episodes for days. How they can make me want to go back and watch episodes multiple times, it’s amazing.

I love “Black Mirror”, and in turn, I love “Bandersnatch”. I’m also definitely not done watching the “moviesode”, not by a long shot. I still have a whole lot to unpack in my mind. I feel like I will watch it a ton leading up to the new season, whenever that comes. For the time being though, “Bandersnatch” is a work of art. It needs to be seen by everyone. The choose your own adventure aspect is worth it alone. It’s tremendous, like everything else “Black Mirror” does.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He sometimes writes his articles as a choose your own adventure. Being a stay at home dad gives him a captive audience to help craft his masterpieces of blogging.

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The Best Television of 2018


Happy New Year everyone. And I cannot think of a better way to ring in 209 than by continuing my best of 2018 lists. Today we are going to do TV. I know last week I was very hard on "Westworld" and "Legion", but today it is all love. The only problem, this was the hardest list for me to pair down. There is so much TV to watch now. Be it national shows, premium cable or streaming, we have more options than ever to watch millions of shows. Also, I still haven't seen a lot of what major critics have on their list, but I will probably never see "Marvelous Ms. Maisel" or "Succession" or "Counterpart". Those shows aren't for me. I'm more of a goofy comedy guy, or serious drama type stuff. That fills my best of 2018 TV list today. Now lets get started.

At number 5 I have season 3 of "Better Call Saul". This show has only gotten stronger since it started airing. Bob Oedenkirk is making me feel for Jimmy McGill, but this season you can really see him turning into Saul Goodman. He even goes by the name a few times this season. But what made season three so great, aside from everything thing that went on with Johnathan Banks and Giancarlo Epsosito, was Rhea Seahorn's portrayal of her character, Kim Wexler. She is the only person who still believes in Jimmy, but by the end, we all see that she is even duped and ready to give up on him. Seahorn was amazing this season. In a show filled with standouts, she stood out by a wide margin. I'm curious to see where they go with season 4 because of how season 3 ended. Season 4 may be the last, which is a minor spoiler alert. For the time being though, "Better Call Saul" is proving to be another great show from Vince Gilligan and company. I'm excited to see how they wrap it all up.

At number 4 I have what I consider to be the most accurate, and best representation of puberty, season 2 of "Big Mouth". Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg have done with this show is nothing short of amazing, and gross. Don't get it twisted, this show is gross and touches on the horribleness that is puberty in no way like I have ever seen before. There was a whole section this year where one of the young teens goes to a spa with her mom and her mom's new girlfriend, and the song is amazing, but there is so much nudity. There is a great scene about losing a pubic hair. I loved when Coach Jeff hooked up with Jay's mom. That was also super gross. But the best thing all season was when the kids took over for Coach Jeff in health class and told horror stories about what they assumed having a STD would be like. It was a great way to talk about how awesome Planned Parenthood is, and the writers totally nailed that. Also, the episode where Nick and Jess eat some of Jess's dad's edibles was really good too. This show nails puberty to perfection. I love it, and when my kids are going through that time, you better believe "Big Mouth" will be on my TV.

At number 3 I have season 3 of "The Good Place". "The Good Place" is the best network sitcom on TV right now. It is just an absolutely wonderful show that somehow finds a way to surprise me every season. Their season one finale was the best finale of a show I have ever seen. They followed it up excellently in season 2, and the way they just closed out this season was amazing. Everyone on this show is amazing too. I'm not a big Kristin Bell fan, but she is awesome. Jameela Jamil is so good as the silver spoon name dropper. William Jackson Harper is terrific as the anxiety riddled Chidi, The episode where he realizes what is going on, and makes chili in his classroom with Peeps was one of the best things I saw on TV this year. Ted Danson is a total delight. But the 2 standouts are Manny Jacinto as Jason, and more importantly, D'Arcy Carden as Janet. Jason is the idiot dirt bag in all of us but he has a heart of gold. He is also hilarious. But Carden as Janet, the all knowing being, kind of like a real life Alexa, she is  just phenomenal. She is the standout of the show. She is the best part of season 3, and she ran with her chance to shine this season. You need to look no further than the season 3 finale where she gets to play every main character on the show. She absolutely nailed every single person's ticks, voices and how they dress and carry themselves. It is a true masterpiece of an actor going for it, and nailing it. It was truly amazing, much like everything else that is on "The Good Place".

At number 2 I have season 2 of "American Vandal". I adore this show. I think it is a perfect sendup of all the true crime stuff we are all enamored with now. It is so funny, but also totally believable. They take something so ridiculous and childish and I am hanging on every word trying to find out who did the crime the 2 kids are investigating. Season one, I needed to know who "drew the dicks". This second season, I had to know who the "turd burglar" was. This is such a well made show using what many would describe as "potty humor". This show has also won a Peabody Award. That is simply amazing for what this show is about. I didn't know how well they would be able to follow up the first season, which seemed like lightening in a bottle. But, they did it, and they nailed it. Going to a new city to solve a similarly childish crime was the correct way to go about it. Besides the 2 filmmakers, all the characters were new, and they all had great stories. From the basketball star to the weird fruit ninja to the many other suspects, they nailed it again. I am so bummed that the show got cancelled. I'm still holding out hope that some other network or streaming device will pick it up because I feel like this show could go on for another couple seasons. "American Vandal" is the best show I have seen that makes me truly care about fake crimes that dumbass teenagers commit. It is a work of art. 

There is one show that is better than "American Vandal", and that is "Atlanta". Did you all think I would have something else here? Donald Glover is a genius, and "Atlanta" is his best way of putting it out there. This season was filled with amazing episodes. The premiere, with Katt Williams and the gator, was tremendous. When Earn and his baby's mother go to her hometown for a weird party, that was odd but effective. And the episode had big time ramifications for the rest of the season. When Earn is trying to spend a 100 dollar bill but no one will take it from him because they believe it is fake, that was a great take on how people look at other races and cultures. When Paper Boi gets lost in the woods and gets jumped and chased by a crazy forest guy, that was incredible. When Paper Boi just wants a haircut, we have all been in a wild situation like that. But the best thing about this season, and definitely one of the best things I have ever seen on TV in my life, was the episode "Teddy Perkins". This one 45 minute block would have gotten the show on the list if it was the only episode they released all season. It was horrifying, funny, a tale of a horrific childhood, possibly a fever dream, I don't know. What I do know though, it was the most original piece of TV I have seen in quite some time. It is so perfect. I watched it multiple times since trying to find things I may have missed, or to see if Teddy Perkins was real, or a figment of Stanfield's imagination. It is a masterpiece, as is "Atlanta". As long as Glover keeps making this show, I'm pretty sure it will always be on my best of lists, and it will most likely be number one. "Atlanta" is a truly remarkable show. It will go down as one of the greatest shows ever. It is definitely the best show of 2018.

Come back tomorrow for my best movies of 2018.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He was going to put “Black Miirror: Bandersnatch” on his list, but he is still lost in an endless loop because of the interactive nature of the show. Or maybe he needs to upgrade his WiFi because what he is really caught in us a buffering loop.

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"Bandersnatch" Should Help the Itch for Some New "Black Mirror"


Much like yesterday's blog, I come to you today with another preview of something that looks super interesting to me.

Today, while hanging at my folks house, I saw on Facebook that "Black Mirror" has a movie length episode coming out this Friday called "Bandersnatch". I am a big, big fan of the TV series, so I was intrigued immediately by the preview. I watched this one with as much gumption as I did with the trailer to the "Us".

Basically "Bandersnatch" looks like an amalgamation of older episodes stuffed into a throwback 80's period piece, but as I watched more, I found out that "Bandersnatch" is also a choose your own adventure type episode. This is awesome. I cannot wait to watch the episode now. Just when I thought that "Black Mirror" couldn't surprise me, or come up with something that I wasn't expecting, they drop "Bandersnatch". This is almost exactly like "White Christmas" when "Black Mirror" released that episode. Also, when they put out the last season right after Christmas. They always do this and it always gets me. Anyway, back to "Bandersnatch".

What I can gather from the preview, the main guy works for a computer tech company, and they make games that combine stuff that happened in older "Black Mirror" episodes. For example, I saw a poster for one of my favorite episodes, "Metal Hedd" on the wall of the company. But, as with all "Black Mirror" episodes, there is something hidden deeper into this computer/tech/video game company. There is something strange about the guy who originally wrote the book for the title of the episode. Apparently he may or may not have done some awful things to his family. There are also some pills that the other workers are trying to get the main guy to take. He decides not to, instead flushing them down the toilet. This seems to cause the main guy to start to hallucinate, or is he, voices and other things, like pop ups on TV shows. He starts to freak out and the people he works with may have something to do with it.

The preview is all very colluded and devious on purpose. That is what they do. They want to bring in the viewer with little hints of their usual terror, but then leave you wanting more. I definitely will be watching this episode this weekend. I cannot wait to devour it. The problem though, it will leave me wanting so much more, and I know that I will have to wait. A long time. But, for the time being, at least I get "Bandersnatch" this weekend. That is another holiday gift in and of itself.

I am pumped, and you should be too. "Black Mirror" rules, and "Bandersnatch" looks like it will definitely scratch that itch. Bring it on.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. In today’s choose your own adventure, Ty had to choose between a low grade college bowl game, or an afternoon low major college basketball game. What would you choose.

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Ty Watches The Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies


I know that I have been spending a good amount of my time talking about football this week, both college and the pros, but today I want to go in a totally different direction and talk about some movies my wife and I have been enjoying lately.

My wife has an unrequited love for Christmas movies. She loves them all, good or bad. She likes to sit down, escape into a snowy landscape and watch these movies unfold. She digs this stuff. I like Christmas movies myself, but I like more of the odd ball ones. I'm not so much into the corny ones. I do like classics like "Elf" and "Home Alone", but give me some weird, independent movie that happens during the holiday season, and I am usually on board. But this year I have decided to fully buy into the season. I love this time of year, I do truly believe it is the most wonderful time of the year, and I just want to take it all in. We went out and got new lights for the front yard, we added décor to the inside of the house, we are taking the kids to see Santa tomorrow, as opposed to our normal time of closer to the holiday. I'm going full bore.

What does this all mean? It means I have been joining my wife when she is watching any random Christmas movie that has been on since about 2pm on Thanksgiving day. I watched "A Christmas Prince" with her the other night, but I am saving my review of that until we watch the sequel. The particular movies I want to talk about today are the ones they show 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the Hallmark Movie Channel.

I saw a few moments of some of the Hallmark Christmas movies last year and was taken aback at how awful they were. But, in watching them with my wife lately, I have grown to enjoy how awful and corny and schmaltzy and laughably bad they truly are. I have also grown a newfound respect for the actors in these movies because a lot of the actors were once famous, and now, it seems like they are just sitting back, enjoying their time on these sets and making money for a short amount of work. I cannot imagine these actors have to spend more than 4-5 hours a day for maybe a week making these movies. Don't get it twisted either, I do not think these movies are good. Quite the contrary. But, they are bad in an enjoyable way. They are bad like "The Room" or "Birdemic" or "Troll 2" are bad. I watch these movies with my wife and we crack jokes the entire time. We make fun of the stories. They are so clichéd and hackneyed, but in a fun way.

I don't remember many names of the movies, but I can always get pretty close with a guess. For example, we watched one the other night that had Donald Faison, Christina Milian and, this year's Hallmark Movie star, Alicia Witt, called "A Snow Globe Christmas". I'm not one hundred percent certain that is the title but, Witt get hits in the head by a snow globe and is transformed into the snow globe world. While in there, she learns the meaning of the holiday, how important family is and that work is not the end all be all. Also, she realizes that the mean guy she is dating might not be right for her. She should maybe be with her high school boyfriend who still loves her, and knows her better than anyone else. This is basically the plot of every single Hallmark movie. Someone gets some form of amnesia, or goes back to their hometown and meets an old romance. Through this old flame, they learn about love, life, family, but most importantly, the true meaning of the holiday. It is hilarious.

I cannot get enough of these movies now. They are so ridiculous and poorly written and cliché and I love them. I highly recommend watching, at the very least, one of these movies. You will greatly enjoy it. It is a good time, and none of them run more than 80 minutes. It is not a big time commitment. I never thought I would enjoy one of the these movies. I now look forward to watching one a day. They are bad in all the right ways. Hallmark Channel has done it. They have made me buying into the holidays as hardcore as I have even easier by showing these movies constantly. They are great to laugh at with your whole family. Do it. You won't regret it.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is currently writing a movie for SeedSing called “The Christmas Blogger”. it is about a blogger who gets hit in the head with their Macbook and gets amnesia. Hijinks will then ensue. Give us a call Hallmark.

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Ty Watches "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Season 13 Finale


So, I have had about 3 days to digest the season 13 finale of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and I am finally ready to talk about it.

It was, hands down, one of the best episodes of television that I have ever watched. It was incredible.

It started like any other "IASIP" episode, but it only grew from there. The episode is called, "Mac Finds his Pride". I have been excited to watch this since I saw the name of it about 3 episodes into this season. I have been a fan of this show from the start, and to see that as a title, I figured it would be filled with their odd, sometimes vulgar humor, and it is, for the first 15 minutes. The episode centers around Frank trying to get Mac to come on their Gay Pride Parade float. They need their, as they say on the show, "token gay guy to dance around". And Frank is as crass and mean and vulgar and homophobic as you'd expect, at first. He takes him to an underground S&M club. That scene is hilarious for the buffet alone. He takes him to a drag show, and that is funny. But, at both these places, Mac keeps telling him that the way they live their lives is fine, it is not for him. He is really struggling to find his identity as a gay man. Frank decides he needs to tell his dad that he is gay, to get it out to the scariest person they know.

Boy oh boy is Mac's dad terrifying in this episode. When they try to tell him the first time, Mac's dad, and Frank has told him this earlier, that he "doesn't get him". But, Mac's dad takes the news they have to tell him that he is going to be a grandpa, that his son got a girl pregnant. And what he tells him to do if it isn't a boy was horrifying. Mac then decides that he cannot tell his dad that he is gay, so he tells him that the news is he is going to be a grandpa. He then retreats to his home and he seems even more despondent.

Oh, by the way, at the very beginning of this episode, Frank smashes his nose on Mac's door, and he is constantly trying to plug up the cut to no avail. It just keeps bleeding, and his face continues to balloon.

After Frank informs the rest of the gang that Mac won't be on the float, they get Cricket to do it in bondage. It was scary and hilarious. Mac keeps telling Frank about this dream he is having where he dances with a female God, and this God lets him tell the world how he feels, personally, as a gay man.

Frank, finally coming to his senses tells Mac he needs to let it out. He needs to tell his dad in his way. He gets the prison to put on a show so Mac can show his dad, and Frank, how he feels. Franks has also let his nose bleed go, telling Mac, "you cannot keep that shit plugged up forever or you are going to live in agony. Don't live in agony anymore" he tells him.

Mac then takes the stage, tells his dad that he needs to let him know that he is gay, and this is how he feels. He then proceeds to put on a modern dance show for 5 minutes. It was masterful. It was a thing of beauty. I don't know much about modern dance, or interpretive dance, but this made sense to me. Mac is tortured. Mac is struggling to find his place. He needs people to accept him for who he is. He needs his friends to stop antagonizing him. The lady that danced with him was delightful and sad all at once. When Mac's dad leaves, I was so sad I almost cried, at an episode of "Always Sunny". It was unlike anything that I have seen before. It was beautiful, sad, modern and cool. I could not take my eyes off the screen. I could have watched this for another 20 minutes. And what made it even better was, Frank says, after watching the dance, "I get it now". I feel like we do to as the audience. And, it just ended there. There was no funny button at the end like with their other musical episodes. It just ended with Mac crumpled into the woman's arms and Frank saying his beautifully eloquent words.

This was tremendous.

"Always Sunny" took a big swing, and they knocked it out of the park. I cannot wait to see how they use this in the upcoming season. This was a masterpiece and I am so glad that I watched it multiple times. I cannot recommend this episode enough. It is perfect on so many levels. I am still in awe almost a week later.

Again, this was tremendous. I loved it.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast.

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Netflix is Cancelling All of Our Favorite Shows

letter x.png

I don't know what it going on at Netflix right now, in so many different ways. They have some crazy, inexplicable things going on right now. Some are good, but most are bad.

The thing that confuses me most is the massive cancellation of shows. I know that most of these shows have been cancelled due to bad reviews, low viewership and who actually owns the rights. For example, "Iron Fist" is a Marvel/Disney owned show, so I get it. It was also supposedly not very good. I didn't watch, but I saw some of the bad reviews. Same goes for "Luke Cage", except it got good reviews. It got cancelled because it is a Marvel/Disney owned show. I loved the first season of the show, and I started the second season, but didn't finish it. I feel like we are over saturated with super hero stuff right now, be it movies, comic books or TV shows. I did like "Luke Cage" though, and so did the critics. But, like I said, I get why they cancelled those.

I'm not so sure why they cancelled a show like "Sense 8", or "The Get Down". Both of those shows scored high with fans and critics. Both shows had massive amounts of fans that showed their displeasure at the cancellation with petitions and letters sent to Netflix. I even believe that "Sense 8" got a final season after cancellation.

The news that they cancelled "American Vandal" was the only one that made me have a visceral response. I was upset. I yelled into my phone screen when I saw the news. I was complaining to my wife about it the night it was announced. I have complained to friends who haven't even watched it yet. I am upset at this news. I'm hopeful that some other network will pick it up, but Netflix had a gold mine in this show. I mean, it won a god damn Peabody award. It was, and I am not just saying this because I love it so much, the best show they had on their service. Nothing has held my attention as much as "American Vandal". I have not clamored for a new season more since I first started watching "The Simpsons". "American Vandal" perfectly skewered our new fascination with these true crime stories. I watch "Making A Murderer", I know people who have watched "The Jinx", my dad watches, and I have watched with him, other true crime shows on cable and none of them compare to the greatness that is "American Vandal". I mean, after the first episode of season one, I ran through the rest because I needed to know "who drew the dicks". Then, in season 2, I had to know who the "turd burglar" was. And the way they slowly, and perfectly, revealed the culprits was exquisite. The writing on this show was top notch. The actors were tremendous. Even though the crimes were fake, they felt real because of the way the show was shot and released. The way each episode unfolded just made me crave more and more.

"American Vandal" was the perfect show in my opinion. It deserved so much more than a Peabody Award, but dammit, a Peabody is prestigious. I don't think Netflix has another original show that will reach that status. Shows like "Orange is the New Black" or "The Ranch" or, even other stuff I watch and like, like "Big Mouth", will achieve that level of status. I will greatly miss this show.

Netflix is making a big time mistake. I don't know the full details, as to why they cancelled it, or if they were forced to cancel it, or if they couldn't afford to keep it. But, they should have done all they could to keep it. This is a real bummer as far a TV shows go. "American Vandal" was unique, funny, smart and just overall brilliant. This bums me out. This makes me upset with Netflix. Everything that is going on over there right now seems really messed up. As I stated earlier, I hope a network like Hulu or Funny or Die or some premium cable channel, be it HBO or Showtime or Cinemax, or whatever, picks it up. That would be nice. But, for the time being, this stinks and makes me mad at Netflix.

Hey Netflix, you guys just cancelled your best, most unique and funniest show since your inception. That should bum you out too.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is willing to let season three of “American Vandal” find a new home at SeedSing. They will have to bring the cameras, actors, writers, editing equipment, and give us the power to stream out episodes. Bring all that and SeedSing will be happy to have you.

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Ty Watches "Big Mouth: Season 2"


Last week I finished up season 2 of "Big Mouth". This show is, by far, the best representation of going through puberty that I have ever watched on TV.

Now, I can only speak from a male point of view, but the way they portray the horribleness that is puberty, it is truly perfect. They have all the awkwardness and weird feelings and shame and just all around awful, awful things that happen when you are a teenager going through this time. I will say too, from the few ladies I know that watch the show, they say it is pretty on point from a female perspective.

What Nick Kroll and Gil Ozeri have done, with Netflix giving them a long, long leash, is pure perfection. First off, to make it an animated show, was the exact right way to give their message. With animation they can do things like a Hormone Monster and Hormone Monstress. This season they added a Shame Wizard, voiced by David Thewlis, and it was so real I had flash backs to all the shame I felt while I was going through puberty. The way they talk about how teens go through this at all different times was great. I was a slower developer, so I could relate with Nick. But, I had friends that were more like Andrew(John Mulaney), who were just frustrated and angry and growing faster than I was.

There was an episode this season, the premiere, when one of the girls developed faster than any other female student, and that brought me back. That was gut wrenching and hilarious to watch. There was a through line this season, it happened at the end of the first season, so it isn't a spoiler, where one of the kid's parents are going through a divorce, and we get to see her act out, like so many of my friends who had divorced parents did. It was perfect. All the stuff with her and the Hormone Monstress, be it yelling at her mom or stealing from a convenience store, I watched these friends of mine going through that do the same.

I also liked another episode where 2 of the kids try edibles for the first time and we see their journey. One handles it very well, taking it all in with glee and the other kid freaks the hell out, just like I would have had I done something like that as a 13 year old. All the stuff with the other families, like Nick's parents being overbearingly loving, or Josh's folks being loud and arguing with each other, but still deeply in love, or Jay's(Jason Mantzoukas) parents, who despise one another, but are so despicable they deserve one another is just excellent. Jay is another standout character as the crazed horned up lunatic friend that we all had in middle school. I also really like Miss(Jenny Slate), who has hippy parents, is a total nerd and is also dealing with puberty in all its awfulness. The show is simply perfection in every single way. From the writing to the voice acting to the way each kid deals with puberty it is all so well done. I can also tell how much I enjoy a show when I think about it all the time and it both, makes me laugh and cringe. That is exactly what "Big Mouth" does for me.

This show is a homerun for Netflix. It further proves that Nick Kroll makes great comedic TV. It also proves that more and more people need, and should, know who Gil Ozeri is because he is a comedic genius. I have loved both seasons of the show. I cannot wait to see where they go with season 3. "Big Mouth" is the best show ever made about puberty and I will fight anyone that says otherwise. Go watch it and tell me why it isn't. I bet you cannot find one show, or reason, why I'm wrong. "Big Mouth" is a triumph.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Watching “Big Mouth” may bring back some memories for Ty, but it also brings nightmares. Ty does have two kids that will one day enjoy the journey.

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Ty Watches "Best F(r)iends: Part 1"


Getting caught up on some other pop culture stuff that I haven't yet written about, due to sports stuff that took priority, I did watch part one of the new Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero movie, "Best F(R) iends", and I have some thoughts.

First off, as I said, I have only seen part one. That's right, they shot enough footage to make their new movie 2 parts. The reason I haven't seen part 2 yet you ask, it hasn't been released via On Demand yet. In fact, it will not be out for me to see until June of next year. So my write up of the second part won't be for another 8 months. But, I did watch the first part. My wife was out of town on a business trip and I decided that I needed to watch this new movie.

As you all know by now, I love the cult of Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero. I'm a big, big time fan of "The Room". That movie is a national treasure for how bad it is. It is a total mess of a movie, and I have seen it at least a dozen times, and I like it more and more each time for how truly, truly awful it is. I love the book that Sestero wrote about his experience on the movie, "The Disaster Artist". It was a nice look inside all the madness and how insane the making of that movie was. Sure, we only got Sestero's side of the story, but he told it very well. The book led to one of my favorite movies of last year, "The Disaster Artist". James Franco got the go ahead from Sestero, got the help of his brother and friends and made something truly remarkable. Franco became Wiseau. Dave Franco was great as Sestero. Seth Rogen and Paul Scheer were awesome in their roles, as script supervisor and a stage hand. Nathan Fielder was hilarious. So was Zac Efron. The actress that played Lisa was wonderful. Alison Brie was great as Sestero's girlfriend. Everything about that movie was perfect to me. So, when I heard that Wiseau and Sestero were teaming up to make another movie, I was intrigued. I am at a part in my life where I will find time to watch anything the 2 of them work on, fully knowing that it may be, most likely, terrible. I don't care, I want them to keep doing stuff together. They need to continue to capitalize on the massive momentum they have right now. Hell, I even truly liked the two of them recreating the famous interrogation scene from "The Dark Knight". I wrote a whole blog on how great I thought it was. Seeing "Best F(R) iends" was something I felt I needed to do. It also helped that the reviews on it, while not great, weren't awful.

So, I rented it and watched it 2 times in the 24 hours I had it on my TV. It needs to be said right up front, "Best F(R) iends" isn't great, but it is not awful. It was, for the most part, kind of forgettable for me, which was a bit of a bummer. But, I still found myself glued to the screen on my 2 viewings. And, I was drawn to the TV especially whenever Wiseau was on screen. The movie has a very basic story. Apparently, according to the internet, so who knows if it is really true, Wiseau wrote this movie about a time in his life when he thought Sestero might be out to kill him. I'm not bull shitting you, according to the trivia on IMdb, that is what it said. The story of "Best F(R) iends", real quick, Sestero plays a drifter who comes to meet Wiseau, who plays a mortician, in a perfectly cast role for him, and they start to work together. Sestero's character sees that Wiseau's mortician keeps fillings from the deceased, and he decides that he needs to sell them for money. He then gets Wiseau involved, and as one would expect, they start to fight one another, they stab each other in the back and hi-jinks ensue. Like I said, it wasn't great, but it was fine. You can tell that the 2 of them have taken advice from people on their acting. Sestero barely speaks in the movie, which is perfect for him. He is a lesser Keanu Reeves. When he does talk, it is short and to the point. Wiseau goes for it, as he always does, and I think he nails it. He is so creepy but funny. He is so weird, but I found myself rooting for him. When he and Sestero play basketball together outside the morgue, it was some of the funniest shit I have veer seen in what is supposed to be a "serious" movie. And while there are other actors in the movie, some who feel like they come from the pornography world, and then a dude like Paul Scheer shows up, don't really matter much to the plot. This movie is Sestero and Wiseau's vehicle. They are the stars and they are full front in the movie. Sestero did fine, but Wiseau blew him out of the water. He was a charm to watch.

The reason I am excited for part 2 is to see what he does. The way part one ended was so bizarre, no spoilers, and it was all due to Wiseau's performance at the very end. Look, I'm pretty sure that Wiseau and Sestero did not think they were going to make an Oscar level movie. Hell, I'm sure they didn't even think that they are making another cult hit. But, you can see that they've grown. You can see that they are both trying. You can see that they've learned from past mistakes, and they kind of make up for it in "Best F(R) iends Part 1". I appreciate that they are striking while the iron is hot. Like I said before, they are taking their chance and they are rolling with it. All kinds of props to them for doing that.

I recommend this movie, with a caveat. Don't watch this if you have never experienced "The Room", "The Disaster Artist", or know little to nothing about either Wiseau or Sestero. You will hate it. But, if you are like me and you know the lore and you've seen a midnight screening of "The Room" and you've watched "The Room" more than half a dozen times and you know the book and the movie made about the book, I think you will enjoy "Best F(R) iends". You have to have some familiarity with the 2 stars of the movie. You have to know a good amount of their back story to appreciate what they are doing now. So, while I feel like part 1 was a bit forgettable, that has not swayed me from wanting to see part 2, and wanting to see what Wiseau does next. Check this movie out if you know their story and then get prepared to see part 2 next year. I know I am.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Ty is game for a cameo in any film Wiseau and Sestero make. Need a pick-up basketball guy to ball in the background? Ty is your man.

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Teen Mom Has Jumped a Palin Sized Shark

Get the Palin’s off my television already

Get the Palin’s off my television already

I've been talking about sports a lot the past couple of weeks. And, I still have a good amount of sports stuff in the hopper, but I'm going to take a bit of a break from it for a minute. Today I want to talk about a show that I have talked about a few times on this website.

So, I have written a few things about the show "Teen Mom". My wife loves it, I have grown to like it, I have watched it from the start, I have watched the spin offs and other iterations of it, and I have even given it some praise. I do appreciate that, at first, MTV showed how un glamorous life can get when you have a baby, and you are a teenager. They did that really well in the beginning.

Then, as the show grew bigger and bigger, and the kids became more "famous", I started to kind of get annoyed. I have vocalized as much to my wife. A good group of the teens, who are now in their 20's, act like they are important and, as I said before, "famous". Most of them have even started their own businesses, the majority of them, and this is just insane to me. Just because you are on TV does not mean that you will be able to sell children's clothes, or clothes for grown ups or food or treats. Starting a business is hard, hard work, but I feel as if these kids feel entitled to this. I feel like they think they can do no wrong now just because they are on TV. Some have even taken the "acting"/podcasting route. Basically, these kids are trying to do anything and everything they can to stay in the public eye. To stay "famous" if you will. 

It got so bad, one of the original girls, Farrah Abraham, did some adult movies. After these "movies" blew up, she started to act like she was the most famous of all the famous people. Now, Farrah Abraham is not famous. Not at all. She is as far away from it as I am. But, when you saw her on the show in the last season, by the way she carried herself and talked about herself, you would have thought she was a star. It got so bad that MTV fired her. She said she was going to continue to make adult movies and they said they didn't want to be in business with her. They went their separate ways and I thought that might be the end of the original "Teen Mom".

I was wrong.

This is where we get to my main point of my blog today. My wife told me, maybe around 6 months ago, that the show was coming back, and that they were adding 2 new moms. I was a little stunned by this news. Then, I wanted to know who the new moms were. She told me that one of them was a person that was on some other MTV show, and the other was Bristol Palin.

This news was upsetting. The show was already starting to go down hill, and I thought that the firing of Abraham was a good way to end the first run. Well, I guess MTV and I had a different idea. I feel like they thought adding someone like Bristol Palin would re energize the show.

They were so, so wrong.

Yes, my wife and I still watch the show, maybe we are gluttons for punishment, but this new season has been really, really bad. It has been boring too. First off, they are still calling the show "Teen Mom O.G.". The "O.G." stands for "Original Girls". This is a smack in the face to what O.G. really stands for, original gangster. The title was off from the jump, and it has always bothered me. But, now it doesn't make any sense. Sure, they still have 3 of the 4 moms when the show started, but now there are 2 new moms. The whole "original girls" is simply not true anymore.

And, before I shred Bristol Palin, I do not mind the other new mom. Her name is Cheyenne, and she seems fun and I like her, her baby and her baby's father, who is from multiple other MTV shows. And for the "original mom's" still on the show, they are just dull now. Their stories are either super depressing or, I just don't care about them anymore. Maci is the most stable, but I'm bored with the stuff with her first son's father, Ryan. Ryan needs to get real help and not constantly have his name dragged through the mud by MTV. He has a serious drug problem, but MTV just seems to keep showing it because it is the most "interesting" thing about Maci's life now. She has also started some kind of business, and anytime her, her husband or any of their friends are on TV, they all have to wear a shirt with the company logo on it. It is the lowest level of product placement. Amber is just flat out boring now too. I feel like she is trying to drum up her past anxiety stuff just to stay relevant. The stuff with her new son, and his dad, is very blah. Gary and his family are just a normal family. His story is played out. I tune out completely whenever she is on screen. And Catelynn and Tyler need to get real help too, just like Ryan. Unlike Ryan, they don't have a drug problem, they have a relationship problem. Their marriage seems to be on very thin ice, and instead of MTV trying to really help them, I feel like they are pushing the problems for ratings. Their story, when it started, was the best, but now, it is just depressing and rough to watch. They are the only couple that I "feel" for, and I just feel horrible for both of them.

Then there is Bristol Palin. Why does anyone anywhere still care about her, or her family? Didn't the Palin's stop being relevant around a decade ago? You know, when her mother made an ass of herself on national TV over and over and over and over again. I had forgotten about them, and did not remember, at all, that Bristol was once a teen mom. Then she shows up on MTV. That was a real kick in the teeth. In the season premier she was at some kind of pre wedding party, or some kind of nonsense, and I heard her mother's grating voice. I then heard Bristol's whiny voice. It was ridiculous. It made me mad. I was so disappointed in a MTV show that I actually used to like. The addition of Palin to "Teen Mom" really feels like a nail in the coffin. She, like much of the cast, is boring. She makes shit up just to seem interesting. She is always fighting with her now ex husband, who is clearly suffering from horrific PTSD that MTV uses for ratings, as opposed to getting him the real help he needs. Her fits and complaints and whining to the producers is so stupid and seems acted. I don't really think that she is as upset as she portrays herself. I don't think she is as good a mother as she thinks she is. There was one scene where she is basically pimping her son out to be on a dancing competition show just so she can stay in the limelight. The scene made her seem like a stage mom. And I do not like the way she talks to her kids and her ex husband. She acts like she is so much more important than all of them. She has this air of superiority that is so off putting. Bristol Palin was a horrible, stupid and far reaching choice to try and stay relevant from MTV.

"Teen Mom O.G." is bad, and it is getting worse. Even my wife, who LOVES shows like this, has bounced around the idea of us stopping the show. She is getting fed up. This was a bad addition, and it should be the final thing needed to cancel this show. MTV is no longer trying to help these kids. They are no longer trying to show how hard it is to raise kids. They are using these kids. They have given these kids an air of entitlement that they have not even come close to deserving. "Teen Mom" is just bad now. It is not even fun bad, like "The Room", it is just bad. Bristol Palin has made this show bad. And MTV has not tried to change it at all. They had lightening in a bottle, but the time has passed. They need to rid themselves of this mess. It is rough.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Once again MTV, Ty is up for a mid thirties mom show. He has a great opportunity right in the middle of the country.

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