Popeye's Has Won the 2019 Chicken Sandwich Wars


I was able to get myself a chicken sandwich from Popeyes this afternoon.

I pulled up to the restaurant around noon, there was a line in the drive thru, I waited it out and ordered my spicy chicken sandwich. I felt like I got a golden ticket when the employee gave me my bag. As stated, I got the spicy one because I prefer spice to no spice. Also, I had a choice of plain mayo, or spicy mayo. I opted for spicy. I was so excited to eat the sandwich that I texted RD, told him I would call him shortly to record the pod because I wanted to eat it in the car on the way home. I pulled out of the drive thru and got stopped at a red light.

This is where I opened the sandwich, and it was like angels singing. It looked as good as I thought. It also looked very simple, as expected. It had that beautifully buttered bun that I was hoping for. The spicy mayo was simply slicked on the top part of the bun. There were 3 pickles, all perfectly sized. And the chicken had that golden crust and looked amazing. It was also piping hot, which is another feather in its cap.

The first bite was nearly euphoric, at least from a food standpoint. It was everything I was hoping for, and so, so much more. It was a perfect bite. I was able to get every piece of food on the sandwich in the first bite. And it ruled. The bun was great. It was totally worth the carbs. The pickles were crunchy. The spicy mayo had the kick I wanted. And the chicken, my goodness was in masterful. The crust that Popeye’s has on that chicken is wonderful. It had that great spice rub that I love so much, seemingly, on every nook and cranny. It crunched when I bit into it as well. The inside was so juicy and so tasty. I kid you not, it looked like water was running off of it because it was so juicy. From the first bite to the last, all of which took me less than 5 minutes to eat, it was tremendous. The crust, which I do like, wasn't overly coated on the chicken. It was a light breading, and being that I am a low carb eater, I appreciated that fact. It put the chicken forward, and the chicken was great. Not only was it juicy, but it was flavorful. It had that perfect bite to it, and I loved it. The pickles, even being on a hot sandwich, still had that crisp that I look for. They weren't sad and droopy like you see from other fast food restaurants. It was a pickle chip, and it tasted like it was straight out of the jar. The spicy mayo was such an added extra kick of spice that I really enjoy. It gave the sandwich even more zip, and it was so good. It was a very nice compliment to the sandwich. And that bun, man was it buttery and delicious. While it wasn't as good as their biscuits, it is the next best thing. It was perfect.

I had high expectations going in, and Popeye’s not only met them, they exceeded them. This is now, without a doubt, the best fast food chicken sandwich out there. Hell, it may just be the best chicken sandwich I have ever had. Popeye’s is always good, and this sandwich is another much deserved feather in its cap. If you can get one, and it is very hard to do so, I highly recommend it. I don't know that anything will come close to this sandwich in the fast food world. I loved Popeye’s before, and now I love them so much more.

What a great, great sandwich.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Now that Popeye’s has perfected the chicken sandwich, Ty is looking for the perfect wing sauce. Buffalo Wild Wings is leading in the clubhouse with a sauce new to Ty but old to the rest of the world.

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