Tim Tebow is Still a Jackass


For a long time I was one of the people who thought a college scholarship was more than enough for student athletes. I figured, they get their school paid for, and they are campus legends, at least some of them.

That was when I was a stupid teenager, and didn’t understand, or turned a blind eye to, how universities treat these kids. The athletes, especially the top tier ones, are abundant money makers to the school they go to. I was devastated when Michigan and the Fab Five were sanctioned and had to give up all those wins and Final Four berths. But, with adult eyes, and hearing the Fab Five guys talk about their struggle, I don’t blame them. Michigan, my favorite college for those of you that may have forgotten, sold Chris Webber’s jersey and made millions off him and the rest of those kids. That’s wrong on so many levels. Hell, look at that Duke-UNC basketball game in Durham last year. Former president Barack Obama, god I miss him so much, was front row, tickets were going for upwards of 10,000 dollars it was reported. And while Duke, and Coach K, profited off that, the guy everyone was there to watch, Zion Williamson, got none of it. I’m sure he was taken care of, like Webber, but nothing near what that one game netted both those colleges.

This goes on everywhere. All universities, with big time athletics, takes advantage of the athletes while the coaches and schools rake in millions upon millions of dollars. So when this recent bill in California, to let players profit from their name and image, was brought up, and then passed, I was stoked. I thought, finally these kids will get what they deserve. Yes, a scholarship is nice, but as I said, the athletes make so much more than a scholarship provides.

But, for some unknown reason, I found myself watching “First Take” on ESPN this morning, and I watched Tim Tebow give some dumbass speech about how bad it is to pay student athletes. He went into some diatribe about playing for the “name on the front of the jersey”, and now, “it’s all about me, me, me”.

First of all, he should have profited off all the jersey sales of his Florida jersey, but that’s neither here nor there. This whole speech was the epitome of white privilege and “back in my day” mentality. I’ve made no bones about how I feel about Tebow. I don’t like him, I didn’t think he’d last in the NFL, and even though he made it much further that I thought, I figured the baseball thing was a way to keep his name in the news. But for him to give this speech on national TV, and chastise kids for wanting to profit from their name and image, was just asinine. Like I said, this was white privilege at its best. Tebow didn’t need money or anything when he was in college. I’m sure he came from money, and money has never been a problem for him. He’s seems like a silver spoon kid. Well Mr Tebow, 99 percent of the population isn’t as lucky as you are. Jalen Rose could’ve used some money in college. He had a very rough upbringing. Same for guys like Randy Moss and Jason Williams, the White Chocolate one, not the murderer. I’m sure there’s a good amount of Alabama players that just look at their time in college as an unnecessary stop until they get to the NFL. Why can’t they try and make money when, by NFL rules, they have to go to college? Former Michigan running back Karan Higdon had a daughter while in college. I know how expensive kids are, and I bet if he were able to profit off his jersey sales he would’ve jumped at that chance. I’ve heard countless stories about kids going to college as a way out of their rough neighborhood or upbringing. Why can’t they get some extra money when a school sells a jersey with their number on it?

I found Tim Tebow’s speech vulgar, disgusting and short sided. He’s never had to do anything real or tough. He’s never had a hard day in his life. So why does he think he gets to be the voice on an issue like this, I will never understand. He would’ve been better off working on his hitting than going on a TV show today to trash student athletes trying to profit from schools, and coaches, taking advantage of them.

Tim Tebow disgusts me, and if I hear him speak one more time on this issue, it will be one time too many. Tebow is a poser, I’m sure he voted for the current government and he is the epitome of white privilege. He just needs to go away, and never speak on this issue ever again. What a jackass.


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