I So Want to See the Lakers Fail With Dwight Howard

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Last week I wrote about Boogie Cousins injury, and how much it upset me.

Well, the Lakers might be doing the unthinkable now, because they are considering bringing back Dwight Howard, and not the Dwight Howard they brought in when they also signed Steve Nash. This is the Dwight Howard that can’t stay healthy, has been on, and then traded from, I think 4 teams since then, has become an even bigger distraction and, by all accounts, wears out his welcome very, very fast. Also, I don't think the dude can really play that well anymore.

He was great once, especially in Orlando, but since he left there, it has been a real shit show for Howard. I will admit that he had moments in Houston, and maybe even a good game or 2 while in Charlotte, but nothing close to what he was when he was a star in the league. He quickly become too much of a headache for the Rockets to deal with, and they offloaded him, the emergence of Clint Capela was a big help too, for next to nothing. He then signed with Charlotte, but like I said, he didn't do too much, and he only spent a season there. He then went to Washington, and I think he played, maybe, 20 games last season. Since then he was dealt to Memphis, again for nothing, and was expected to be released. And now we have this story with his possibility of a reunion with the Lakers.

The hater part of me, the one that loathes the Lakers, wants to see them sign him because it would be a disaster on and off the court. Howard is at a point in his career where he doesn't really offer much of anything in a solid role player. He isn't the defender or rebounder he once was, he can’t shoot from anywhere outside of 3 feet, he gets hurt far too often and he whines and complains when he doesn't get touches. On a team with LeBron, AD and Kyle Kuzma, how many touches would he, or should he, get? Very little I would say. Add on the fact that he is well past his prime, and the Lakers already have too much of that as the roster is currently constructed.

After missing out on Kawhi, the Lakers cobbled together your typical LeBron roster, bringing in vets that used to be good, but now aren't so hot. I like Danny Green, but he is a shell of himself. At times last season, Avery Bradley was one of the worst professional basketball players. Alex Caruso is a scrub, and he is the Lakers new Matthew Dellavedova. Javale McGee has turned into a much better rim runner, but he still can’t shoot, and he gets into foul trouble far too often. Now add Dwight Howard to that mix, and I think it could be catastrophic. LeBron and AD are enough to make a playoff push. I don't think the Lakers are going to win 59 games and be the 2 seed like Bleacher Report says. I don't think they are title contender like The Ringer says. I don't even think they are the best team in their own city. So why would they add Howard? It is mind boggling. LeBron already has 2 big men, one in AD who, when healthy, is a top 3 player in the league. Why do they need to add a guy that will give them absolutely nothing whatsoever? They would be better off, I can't believe I am saying this, using that money on Carmelo Anthony. At least he is still a threat from outside.

If the Lakers were to add Howard I would laugh and laugh and laugh. Everyone seems to think they are instantly a contender because of LeBron and AD, but just think of what Howard would do to them, and that locker room. It would be exactly like his first run with them. Remember, when they barely finished over .500, and got smoked in the playoffs. That was rough, and that was over 5 years ago. Howard is only older, slower and cannot do the things that modern bigs need to do to be helpful in the NBA today.

Please, for my hater side, sign Dwight Howard because that would be hilarious. But, if you wan to be taken seriously, as a real threat in the West, stay far, far away from him. It hasn't worked once, and it surely will not work this time.


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