Time for a Dad Hat


I have made no bones about how much I love being a dad, and a stay at home parent on this site, and on our pod. It is the best job in the world, I get to dress however in the hell I want, I don't mind the stares, or the "it is so nice of you to give mom a day off" comments, I love being there for major milestones, it is amazing. But, there are some things that I have successfully been able to avoid that are cliché dad things.

What stuff? Things like mowing the lawn and admiring it. Sure, I mow the lawn, but it is more for the workout than looking at a freshly shorn lawn. I like to grill, but I do not consider myself an expert griller, I don't have my own tongs, and I ask for help from anyone willing to give advice. I used to wear cargo shorts, back in my high school days, but I have not since revisited that in my years as a dad. I actually wear Columbia all weather type shorts now. They're great, and I love that they have built in netting so I can swim in them, and then continue my day without having to switch to cargo shorts. I also don't have too much to carry around anymore, just my keys, wallet and phone. So, I don't need cargo shorts. I am very proud to say that I have never, nor will I ever, wear New Balance shoes. Look, my dad wears them, I'm sure one, if not all three, of my brothers wear them (ed note: Hell no I do not wear New Balance), and I know that I have at home dad friends that wear them as well. I just don't like them on a personal level. I think they look too bulky, the few pairs I have tried on were very uncomfortable, they have no flash and I don't think they are as good a running shoe as some would like me to believe. I'm an Altra man as I stated awhile back.

But, I did finally cave to a dad trope yesterday. One I have actually avoided for a bit now, but I finally gave in, and I have to say, I love it.

I got my first "dad hat". For those that may not know, a "dad hat" is made of a material akin to a cotton shirt, they are distressed, they have an open back, but it is not a snapback, and you really only see dad's, or people that look like dad's, wearing them. I almost bought one at a Run the Jewels show a few years back, but I hesitated. I wish I hadn't, because that hat was dope as hell. But, now that I am a Suns fan I decided that I needed some team gear. I went on Amazon, found a great deal on a Suns hat, and it just happened to be a "dad hat". I bought it, and waited for it to arrive. It got here yesterday, and I immediately put it on my head and was astounding at how much I liked the feel and fit. It was just perfect. I love the distressed feel. It feels like I have worn it for awhile. It didn't need the breaking in that a snap back or fitted hat needs. The back was way, way better than I expected. I am a fitted hat fan way more than snapback, so this was my biggest concern. But to have the material be the same as the hat, unlike a snapback that is plastic, is great. You don't feel it push into the back of your head like a snap back. The bill was already bent like I like it, so that was another plus. And the look, I love. It fits almost too good. I have not taken it off since I got it, except when I eat meals, or go to bed. I even wore it backwards a ton yesterday and today, and that is great. I used to wear hats backwards a lot when I was a kid, but as I get older, I am more prone to wear my hat forward. But with the "dad hat", wearing it backwards was great. It has a good look. The slouch makes it look fine, at least to me. It was awesome.

So, while I have denied, and will continue to deny, that I am getting older, and turning more and more into a father everyday, including "dad hat's" and dad jokes now, I have to say that this is one thing I am happy to take on as a dad and older guy now. "Dad hat's" rule, and if you are older and on the fence about buying one, don't. You will love it. I know I love mine.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Up next for Ty’s dad life? How about a copy of Sports by Huey Lewis and the News?

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