Ground Sausage Patties are the King of the Breakfast Meats



Today I am going to come at you all with one of my hottest takes ever.

So, before I met my wife, I was not a big breakfast person. I didn't feel like eating when I got up. If I was hungry I'd always eat something that was filled with empty calories and tons of sugar, like brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tarts, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Don't get me wrong, I love those still, but honestly, they are absolutely horrible for you, and to eat them for breakfast, you are just asking for a bad day. I usually would just wait until lunch time to eat my first meal, and that was also a mistake because I ate far too much lunch, and did the same at dinner, and I would snack until midnight.

When I started to date my wife, and especially when we moved in together, she was pretty staunch about eating breakfast. I started to make sure that I was getting something in my body before I would head off to work. At first it was more of the same sugary nonsense. Then, I started to have breakfast shakes or smoothies. When the allure of that wore off, I started to navigate more towards savory foods for breakfast. Back when I was working a full time job, it was hard to get up and make eggs or something along those lines. I would opt for microwavable breakfasts then. I would get those scrambles or frozen breakfast meat or a bagel. Basically something I could eat on the road. Then, when I became a stay at home dad, I was able to make a proper breakfast for myself and my son, and then my daughter. When I was first at home, with just my son, he and I would eat oatmeal and some kind of breakfast meat. It was great to have a nice hearty breakfast with him.

Then, I went on my diet pretty soon after I started staying home, and I cut out the oatmeal and started to make eggs with whatever meat we had. My son loved it too, especially after his egg allergy wore off. Even now, with my son in school full time, my daughter and I have some kind of meat with our breakfast, and she will have cereal or oatmeal or pop tarts, and I will have eggs. I have also completely adapted to being a coffee drinker.

What I want to say today, to finally get to my hot, hot take, I think that ground sausage patties are, by far, the best breakfast meat in the world.

It is not even close for me.

Look, I have tried pretty much every variance of breakfast meat there is. I love steak, so I have had steak and eggs. Ground sausage patties are better. Bacon is a homerun with pretty much everything, especially eggs. Ground sausage is better. Canadian bacon and ham are excellent bacon substitutes. Ground sausage is better. And sausage links, be they ground or frozen, are okay, there just isn't enough. The great thing about ground breakfast sausage for me, I feel like I am eating a bun less burger for breakfast. I mean, how dope is that. I put a little American cheese on my sausage right near the end of the cook, and it melts so perfectly over the top. It is divine. I also love having it on the side of my 2 scrambled eggs because I can cut tiny individual pieces and combine the 2 for a perfect bite. I also like the ground, raw sausage because when you cook it, if you do it right, you get that great, almost burnt crust on top of the meat. It is like biting into a hot dog casing, which I also think is great. I also appreciate how salty the patty is as opposed to the link. There is more surface area for the spices to all blend together to give you a great salty and spicy bite. Links are fine, but they don't give you that perfect bite every time like a patty does.

I'm the only one in my family that prefers the ground patty to the frozen link. My wife likes the ease of the link. My son likes the fact that he can put away 3 or 4 links to 1 or 2 patties. My daughter likes how much easier they are to eat. But me, I'm perfectly happy waiting for the patty to be properly cooked so I can enjoy the deliciousness it brings. As I said, I have tried pretty much every breakfast meat, or meat substitute, or veggie option, but the ground sausage patty is, hands down for me, the absolute peak breakfast meat.

I know this my be divisive. I know people may think I'm weirder than they already do. I know I may get some heat for this. I don't care. This is my platform, and I am here to drop truth bombs on you all. Ground breakfast sausage is the best breakfast meat in the world.

There, I said it.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. Ty has not had the one true king of the breakfast meats. Come on down to Cincinnati and get yourself a plate full of goetta.

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