Ty's 2019 MLB Preview


Since I enjoy doing preseason previews of football and basketball, I’m going to do a baseball one as well. I know the season started like a week ago, but today is the “official” opening day. And as I’ve said multiple times, I do not watch, know much anymore and think baseball is boring. I also live in Saint Louis, and baseball is king here. So, I cannot go a day without hearing about baseball around here. I don’t know as much about the MLB like RD does, but that’s not going to stop me from making some picks.

A few things before my predictions though. I’m happy Mike Trout got super paid, but I also feel bad for him because I now fully believe he will never win a World Series. I love that he will be with one team his whole career, but the Angels are average at best, and now, they won’t have as much money to lure real star players. Bryce Harper got overpaid, and, as I’ve already stated, both parties are going to hate this deal in about 3 years. Manny Machado immediately makes the Padres a contender. I feel like Clayton Kershaw’s best days are behind him. I wish the Blue Jays would call up Vlad Guerrero Jr. I’m stoked that Fernando Tatis Jr is starting on opening day. And I was very, very wrong about the Braves. Good call on them RD. Other than those things, I’m very green when it comes to current day MLB. I know my hometown team signed a big time guy, Paul Goldschmidt, but I couldn’t tell you one thing other than he’s a first baseman. Anyway, go Cards. Okay, now let’s get to the predictions.

I’ll do the AL first.

In the East, I know the Red Sox won it all last year, but I think the Yankees will be out for blood. And if Aaron Judge can stay healthy, they will out score most teams. They can win 100 plus games with final scores like 10-7 or 11-5. They win the East easy.

In the Central I’d like to pick the Twins, but the Indians continue to look good on paper. They have pretty much everyone back to the best of my recollection. The Twins are young and fun, maybe they could be the AL’s version of the Braves. But, I’m going to stick with the Indians for at least one more year.

In the West, it’s all about the Astros. They are, far and away, the best team in that division. They’ll probably wrap it up earlier than any team in baseball. They’re so good. The A’s are okay, and the Angels do have Trout. But let’s be real, the Astros will cruise.

I’ll get to my Wild Card picks after I do the NL division winners.

In the East I’m going with the Braves. I mean, I’ve already mentioned them a ton during this piece. They’re young, fast and play old school baseball. They love to steal bases and win low scoring games. And as far as Harper’s new team, I have the Phillies third behind the Braves and Nationals. I think the Nationals will still be good because of their pitching. But the Braves will continue to get better, and they will return to their 90’s dominance.

In the Central I’m going with the Brewers to repeat. They’re so good everywhere. The Cubs and Cardinals will fight, but the Brewers are the best team. This may be the best division in baseball.

In the West I’m going with Colorado. They just re signed their best guy, they actually have a solid pitching staff, and they have some of my favorite uniforms. The Dodgers are old news. The Diamondbacks apparently just lost their best guy. And the Giants are going through a rebuild. The Padres are their biggest threat. And they’ll make it interesting all the way until the end of the regular season. But they aren’t quite there yet.

So that means my locks in the AL are the Yankees, Indians and Astros. My Wild Cards are the Red Sox and Twins. In the ALCS I have the Yankees playing the Astros, and I’m going with the Yankees. I hate to pick them, but I feel like they’re going to be so powerful offensively and they will use that to go to the World Series.

My locks in the NL are the Braves, Brewers and Rockies. My Wild Card teams are the Padres and Cubs. In the NLCS, I have the Brewers facing off with the Braves, and I have the Brewers winning. I’m just very impressed with what this team did last year, and I look towards them to make that push this year.

I have the Yankees and Brewers in the World Series, and I’m going with the Brewers to win in 7 hotly contested games. I’ve fully bought into Milwaukee being the best team in baseball this year.

As far as award winners, I’m only going to do the Cy Young and MVP for both leagues. In the AL my Cy Young is Justin Verlander. He’s only gotten better with age. As for my AL MVP, I’m going with Trout. He is the Michael Jordan, the basketball player version, in the MLB. In the NL, my Cy Young winner is Max Scherzer. He’s an easy pick because he’s so dominant. As far as NL MVP, I’m going to go with the Rockies state, Nolan Arenado. I’ve heard nothing but great things about him, and I feel like an MVP is just waiting for him.

Okay, there’s my 2019 MLB preview. Take it with a humongous grain of salt.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He is a typical Cardinals fan in that it is playoffs or the season is a bust. Here in Cincinnati we just want 70 wins and our season is a huge success. St. Louis is so spoiled.

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