Ty Watches "Detroiters

I'm a real big fan of the show "Detroiters" on Comedy Central. I have watched the show from day one, and everything about it has impressed me.

For those that do not know, "Detroiters" is a show about 2 best friends that run an ad agency for smaller companies. They run an agency that shows commercials that one may see on public access TV, or late at night. What I really appreciate, and love, about the show are the 2 main characters. Sam Richardson plays Sam Duvet, and Tim Robinson plays Tim Cramblin, and their agency is called Cramblin and Duvet. These 2 are a perfect comedy match. They play so well off of one another. They also both have a very unique and weird sense of humor that I really love. They do some weird and wild stuff on the show, but it works because of the 2 of them. They have some outrageous bits, and scenes in the episodes that are so off the wall, but I find myself cracking up every time. Their off the beaten path humor just works.

For example, there have been 2 episodes this season where each of them have been able to really show off their comedy chops. For Richardson, it came when he had to record a jingle with his ex fiancée. He ends the bit by telling Tim that he "came in his pants" while recording, and I was on the floor laughing. Tim has an episode where we meet his brother, played by the drummer in the criminally underrated band Death Grips and their interactions are great. Being someone that has brothers, I could relate. But, they took it even deeper when each of them cried. While sobbing, each one had to wear a Slipknot mask. It was terrifying, confusing and hilarious all at once. That episode may be my favorite one so far.

I love that Comedy Central took a chance on this show and these guys. The show is odd, I cannot stress that enough, but it works. Comedy Central has done this lately too, taking on odd subjects and shows, but they have pretty much nailed it with every one. While "Detroiters" isn't on the same level as say a "Nathan For You", or "Review", it still ranks up there with those shows. I like that they gave Richardson and Robinson a chance too.

Richardson is great as a supporting actor. He has proven that tenfold in "Veep". He is, by far, my favorite character on that show. He is so unassuming and hilarious. His interactions with Jonah early on, and now with Julia Louis Dreyfuss, are the best part of that wonderful show. He is also very good in bit parts in the movies he has been in. Richardson is a solid actor. What I love about him on "Detroiters" is, he gets a chance to be a main character, and he totally nails it. He is every bit as funny as anyone on that show, and it comes off without a hitch.

I also love that they gave Robinson a chance. I think I may be one of the only people that, one, remembers him on "SNL", and two, thinks he didn't get a fair shot on that show. His random characters on "SNL" always cracked me up, and he does a wonderful Gary Busey impression. One of the best if you ask me. But, they dropped him after one season I think. Now, he has this show that he co created with Richardson, and he is every bit as good as Richardson. He is a bit more of the wild card, but that is where he shines. He is so good at the loud and weird stuff. He truly makes me laugh pretty much every time he is on screen.

The rest of the people that fill out the how are great as well. I also love that they use Detroit in the show. They really showcase that city, and the people.

"Detroiters" is well worth your time. I'm so glad that Comedy Central gave it a second season, and if the show continues on the current trajectory it is on, I do not see how they don't get a third. This show is awesome, and if you are a fan of absurd humor, you will love it too. Go watch "Detroiters".


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