The Blue Wave Starts Tomorrow

Here it comes

Here it comes

I went to a comedy show last weekend, but my review will have to wait for tomorrow. Today I’m going to keep it short, but important. 

Tomorrow is a big, big day. People out there need to get out and vote tomorrow. August 7th is a big day in many states (my home Missouri, my vacation spot Michigan, Kansas, Washington, and a special election in Ohio) and we need to make our voices be heard. I have big expectations for the vote. I have a decent feeling that tomorrow can mark as a turning point. I know it’s just a primary, but we can send a clear and precise message by voting as many winnable Democrats into seats as possible.

We need what they call a “blue wave”. I know it’s already begun, with Moore being beat in Alabama, the lady in the East Coast who ran her campaign pretty much by herself winning(Ocasio-Cortez I believe her name is), some transgender people winning elections, non white people and women winning seats, it’s already started. Now, we need to keep it going. It is so important to send a message to those monsters who think they are running the country right now. We need to let them know that they can’t cheat their way to wins anymore. We need to let them know they we won’t tolerate their racism and bull shit anymore. We need to let our voices be heard.

This is our chance to really put an enormous embarrassment to that racist, fascist, misogynist pig that is currently in office. We need to let all the people they are complicit with him, his underlings, know they cannot bully us anymore. We need to show them that, just because they have a ton of money, they don’t control us, we control them. They work for us, and I’m done letting them push me around. I’m ready to start digging their political grave. I’m ready to let them know that they are not my representatives. I’m ready to continue the fight.

That can all start tomorrow.

Get out and vote. Let your voice be heard. Let them know you’re done being pushed around. And for those people out there that are still somehow on the fence, Bernie bros I’m talking to you, and I was once one of you, don’t waste your vote this time. And please, don’t just sit home and not vote. We all saw what happens when you do that. We now have a horrific monster that thinks he is running the country. He’s an embarrassment, and to all the people that didn’t vote, or just decided to vote for a third, fourth and fifth party, please don’t do that again, for the fate of our country. I know, you can do whatever you want with your vote, but, look around you, we live in a nightmare. Please do the right thing.

Let’s get these asshole racists out of office. Let’s send a loud message. Let’s go out in droves and do this thing. Please, I implore you, go out and vote tomorrow. The future depends on it. Let’s flip the senate and the house. We can do it. Better yet, we NEED to do it. Please vote.


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