How to Grill the Greatest Hot Dog Ever

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It is the Fourth of July. Time to go out and set some food on fire to celebrate the birth of America.

I hope your holiday was filled with awesomeness. In the spirit of being 100% awesome American, we here at SeedSing want to show the good reader how to grill the perfect hotdog. A friendly neighbor passed down this incredible secret to us a few years back, and we will never grill hotdogs the old fashion way.

Are you ready to be blessed with this knowledge?

In the words of an early role for Samuel L Jackson "Hang onto your butts".

Step 1

Buy Hotdogs - Sounds easy. Any brand of hotdog will work, but we prefer Nathans in our virtual office.

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Step 2

Get the right tools. - You will need a skewer (wood or metal, it does not matter) and a sharp knife. I use a paring knife because it is small and easy to control.

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Step 3

Run the skewer through the hotdog length wise. Try to get the skewer through the very middle.

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Step 4

Spiral cut the hotdog with your knife. Slice the hotdog down to the skewer and slowly turn the hotdog as you tilt the knife down the length to make a spiral cut

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It should look like this when done.

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Step 5

Take the skewer out and place the hotdogs on a hot grill. Any kind of grill will work, we prefer charcoal around here. Taste the heat not the meat.

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While cooking, rotate the hotdogs often. If the grill is very hot, you should rotate every 30 seconds or so. Hotdogs cook fast, these spiral cut dogs cook faster.

Step 6

Enjoy. Take the hotdogs off the grill when they are cooked to your liking. The spiral cut dogs should have mildly separated and created a delight that will be crispy and hot on every bite. The crevices are also great places to store toppings.

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That is our gift to the world on America's birthday, awesome spiral cut grilled hotdogs. The small amount of extra work makes these a must have at a cookout. This even makes turkey dogs worth the effort.

Happy 4th.


RD Kulik is the Head Editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. He had three spiral cut hotdogs today. One for the U, one for the S, and the last for the great A.

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