"Bandersnatch" Should Help the Itch for Some New "Black Mirror"


Much like yesterday's blog, I come to you today with another preview of something that looks super interesting to me.

Today, while hanging at my folks house, I saw on Facebook that "Black Mirror" has a movie length episode coming out this Friday called "Bandersnatch". I am a big, big fan of the TV series, so I was intrigued immediately by the preview. I watched this one with as much gumption as I did with the trailer to the "Us".

Basically "Bandersnatch" looks like an amalgamation of older episodes stuffed into a throwback 80's period piece, but as I watched more, I found out that "Bandersnatch" is also a choose your own adventure type episode. This is awesome. I cannot wait to watch the episode now. Just when I thought that "Black Mirror" couldn't surprise me, or come up with something that I wasn't expecting, they drop "Bandersnatch". This is almost exactly like "White Christmas" when "Black Mirror" released that episode. Also, when they put out the last season right after Christmas. They always do this and it always gets me. Anyway, back to "Bandersnatch".

What I can gather from the preview, the main guy works for a computer tech company, and they make games that combine stuff that happened in older "Black Mirror" episodes. For example, I saw a poster for one of my favorite episodes, "Metal Hedd" on the wall of the company. But, as with all "Black Mirror" episodes, there is something hidden deeper into this computer/tech/video game company. There is something strange about the guy who originally wrote the book for the title of the episode. Apparently he may or may not have done some awful things to his family. There are also some pills that the other workers are trying to get the main guy to take. He decides not to, instead flushing them down the toilet. This seems to cause the main guy to start to hallucinate, or is he, voices and other things, like pop ups on TV shows. He starts to freak out and the people he works with may have something to do with it.

The preview is all very colluded and devious on purpose. That is what they do. They want to bring in the viewer with little hints of their usual terror, but then leave you wanting more. I definitely will be watching this episode this weekend. I cannot wait to devour it. The problem though, it will leave me wanting so much more, and I know that I will have to wait. A long time. But, for the time being, at least I get "Bandersnatch" this weekend. That is another holiday gift in and of itself.

I am pumped, and you should be too. "Black Mirror" rules, and "Bandersnatch" looks like it will definitely scratch that itch. Bring it on.


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