SeedSing Classic: President Trump's War with American Exceptionalism

It says give me your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Moron

It says give me your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Moron

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The first days of the Donald J Trump Presidency have not gone very well. The immediate top priorities for the Trump White House was to whine, cry, and lie about the most mundane things. His goal to repeal and replace Obamacare has been met with confusion and apprehension from Congressional Republicans. The reaction of Trump and his media surrogates towards the successful Women's March on Washington was a predictable temper tantrum from a bunch of rich white men. His border wall with Mexico has been one idiotic embarrassing tweet after another. Most recently, his recent action to ban Muslims from a few countries has been met with disgust and anger from Americans of all political persuasions. In these early days of the Donald J Trump era, it seems the new President's only goal is to be the man who ends the successful legacy of American exceptionalism.

Anything that has been done by President Trump should not be a surprise. Many Republicans, including then Indiana Governor Mike Pence, were loudly denouncing candidate Trump when he was calling for a Muslim ban. The looming disaster of the Obamacare repeal could be seen with every wasteful show vote from the US Congress. Trump's thin skinned nature, and his absolute goal of popularity, has been present in the Donald Trump world since he first entered the public consciousness in the 1980's. The early failure, and embarrassment, surrounding President Trump's US - Mexico border was predicted by almost everyone over a year ago. All of these early executive orders from President Trump’s desk have been known since the Republican Primary. These very ideals is why Democratic Presidential nominee beat President Trump by three million votes. The majority of Americans knew that Donald Trump did not represent their views of what makes America great.

The pathetic actions of the Trump White House to continue the lies around the attendance at the inauguration, the fact that Trump lost the popular vote, by three million votes, and the success of the Women’s March on Washington, are a little sad and a lot scary. When the Press Secretary knowingly lies to the White House Press Corps, and the American people, it disrespects all Americans. The great citizens of the United States are not stupid. We all saw the vote totals, we saw the pictures of inauguration day, and we saw the massive number of Americans who came out for the Women’s March. We know that President Trump, and his surrogates, are lying. We know that they are lying to protect a President who must have extremely low self-esteem. Many have laughed at the childlessness of the new President, but it is not a joke to have a leader who is so thin skinned. What will Trump do to gain acceptance from those people he thinks matter? His actions show that he does not care about the approval of the American people. It is scary to think that the President’s need to be accepted by others will be more important than keeping America a great country.

Candidate Trump rallied the minority of American voters with his promise of a wall on the US-Mexico border, and that the Mexican government would pay for this wall. It was never made very clear why the Mexican government would pay for such a pointless project. Now that Donald Trump sits in the Oval Office, he needs to back up his ridiculous promises. His supporters, who are the minority of voters, have demanded this fairy tale wall. Good to his word, President Trump signed an executive order to build the wall, and to make Mexico pay for it. The government of the sovereign nation of Mexico quickly rebuked the new President’s wishes. In response, The Trump White House threw another tantrum and pledged to place a very large import tax on Mexican goods. Almost the entire business community, many congressional Republicans, and lovers of tequila everywhere quickly questioned the new President’s judgement. Many people laughed, most people just shook their heads, at this moronic idea. The negative reaction to President Trump’s grand plan was so quick, that the people who have already lied for Trump were quick to walk back their boss' bad thoughts. The greatness of America taught the new President a harsh lesson on the payment of the border wall.

During the Republican Presidential Primary, Donald Trump was unapologetic in his thoughts of banning refugees, mainly Muslims, from entering the United States. This naked xenophobia turned off even the most right wing of Republican Presidential candidates. Many, many, many people would call out Donald Trump for his racism, and misunderstanding of what has always made America great.

Now that Donald J Trump is the President, he does not seem to care about the terribleness of banning a religious group from coming to the United States. What again should not be a surprise to anyone, Donald Trump used an Executive order to ban immigration from Muslim countries where his personal business empire does not currently operate in. Green card holders, business professionals, an Oscar nominated director, children, and many others were denied entry into the United States. This inhumane act by President Trump was roundly condemned. The once, and still, great American people showed with their voices that the majority of citizens do not believe in hate.

Within a few weeks, President Trump has shown that his administration does not believe in the proud tradition of American exceptionalism. His lies insult America, his narcissism embarrasses America, and his racism hurt America. No amount of Fox News misdirection can hide the fact that the Trump White House has no idea what they are doing. The incompetence of the Trump Presidency has given America good comedy, and sleepless nights. Trump’s early days has shown that his Presidency is not going to be great for America. It is a good thing that what makes America great is the fact that we can suffer through the failures of a bad President.

The greatness of America does have to face some harsh truths. Is it possible that everything that President Donald Trump has done has been done with a purpose? It is obvious that the President is most interested in protecting the Trump business, and being a leader for all Americans does not matter to him in the least. Maybe the weakening of America is good for Trump and his inner circle of political advisors. Maybe the greatness of America is holding back some grand plan for the people who currently work in the White House. It is clear that President Trump has no idea on how to make America great again. America is already great. The new President’s actions are working directly against American exceptionalism. Americans make America great. Do not forget that. Do not let President Trump take that away.


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