The Press has Broken Our Presidential Elections

2016 Republican Presidential Primary Ballot

2016 Republican Presidential Primary Ballot

The United States Presidential Campaign is starting to ramp up. Republican Donald Trump is running his first ads of the election season, and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has been amassing a huge campaign money chest. We wanted to reprint this article that sums up how Americans got stuck with two unlikable candidates in the race for the Presidency. The piece was originally posted on September 18th, 2015.  

Well the idiots in the national media have gone and broken our presidential elections. Should we be surprised? They have had the duty to report on the news of presidential politics for over 200 years. They have rarely been competent, and lately they have become down right destructive. The national press just kept trying and trying to break our presidential elections, and 2016 looks to be the year that the morons will finally be successful.

Donald Trump will not be the next President of the United States. You would not know that by watching and listening to the half brained celebrity sycophants on the national news. Trump is hateful, opportunistic, and not very intelligent. He has locked into a loud base of the republican party who lives under the delusion of white male christian victim hood. The scholars on talk radio, and at Fox News, have been feeding the dangerous lie of white male christian victim hood for a very long time.

The people who subscribe to the idea of white male christian victim hood have usually been swept away from polite society. They are now taking hold because the never ending news cycles need a "balanced debate", but what these organizations really want is clicks and ratings. The news producers know that the idiots who subscribe to anti-science and racist ideas will watch, and read, the news that provides there own wrong confirmation bias. Since the media decided to act as an anti-intellectual institution, we now have to have discussions on women's health, global warming, and being human to the less fortunate. People, and our planet, are needlessly suffering because non-intelligent hatemongers are allowed equal footing on  the news.

The CNN epic Republican Debate was a showcase for the destruction the media is bringing onto society. Donald Trump irresponsibly linked autism to vaccinations. This line of thinking has caused a lot of damage, and real deaths. Nearly all thinking people hear about the vaccination / autism link and immediately tune the conversation out.  The moderators for CNN said nothing, because they know that the discussion of wrong science will bring the morons into CNN's viewership. The need to be on the absolute wrong side of the vaccination discussion has even captured supposed "smart" doctors like Rand Paul and Ben Carson. The media's never ending praise for Ben Carson's intellect looks incredible wrong now that the good doctor questioned the methodology, and effectiveness, of vaccines.

The anti-science of the Republican debate continued with failed CEO, and newest media obsession, Carly Fiorina outright lying about Planned Parenthood. In order to get in good with the people who can not think, Fiorina pandered by discussing a video that showed Planned Parenthood doing something incredibly unethical and illegal. This video does not exist. The moment she described never happened. CNN was once again silent. Allowing their newest superstar to lie, and hurt a lot of people with her lie, the media has decided that money is better than being responsible journalists.

The media's destructive wake does not end with the anti-intellectuals. CNN allowed a discussion to go on about how white Christians are more persecuted than an arrested Muslim teenager whose crime is being good at engineering. Leading this defense of poor white people is dog but not man lover Rick Santorum (sorry for cursing), inept Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, and soulless Mike Huckabee. All three of these defenders of the white race were crawling over each other to embrace racial profiling and make sure religious hate is well defended. The constitution means nothing to these opportunists , but thankfully none of them have a shot at being President. We still have to hear their ignorance and divisive rhetoric because CNN cannot spell journalistic integrity.

I hope you are happy media. You wanted a great story, and you gave us the Trump Presidential Campaign. You wanted attention, and you have helped accelerate global climate change. You wanted wealth, and you have allowed us to not care for the neediest in our society. We gave you the privileged to report on our presidential politics, and you broke it into a million pieces because you have no idea how to care for the privilege.

Go to your room the media. Your mess needs to be cleaned up. We can do this with out you.

RD Kulik

RD is the Head Editor for SeedSing and the host of the X Millennial Man podcast. He encourages you to not watch any of the media (even PBS), they will only act out again if we give them attention. Let your ideas be heard, write for us.