Ty wonders when we will all get over MMA.

Scenes from the next great MMA match.

Scenes from the next great MMA match.

I've never understood the love for the "sport" of MMA.

Why do people like this? What is so appealing of watching people kick the shit out of each other? I used to love boxing. I was a big fan. My favorites were the heavy weights. You may read that sentence and say, if you like boxing, you should like MMA. It's the same thing, right? No. Boxing takes skill. There's a science to boxing. You have to wait and watch and prepare for what your opponent is doing. You counter punch and attack based on when your opponent is tired. It's not the same with MMA. These "fighters" go into an octagon and just try to destroy each other. There's no science or skill to this. In MMA your allowed to kick, punch, wrestle, etc. You can basically do everything except kick the person in the crotch. It's glorified back yard brawling. People pay just as much on Pay Per View for an MMA fight as you do for a title boxing match. At least in boxing, most fights go, at the least, 5 rounds. In MMA, your lucky if the main event lasts one minute. That's insane. You get a thirty second fight that you paid ninety dollars for. What a ripoff.

All the love that's being given to these MMA "stars" is dumb. It reminds me a lot of the poker craze that happened about a decade ago. Tell me one "famous" poker star today. The same will be said for MMA. I don't see any of these "fighters" becoming stars. You may say to me, look at Ronda Rousey, she's a star. She didn't become a house hold name until she started acting. Acting made her a star and she just happens to be an MMA fighter. I remember people I knew telling me about a new MMA fighter named Kimbo Slice. He was going to be the next big thing. He was some back yard brawler that was becoming an MMA fighter. I swear to you, within a week of him starting in MMA, I had already forgotten about him. Apparently he wasn't much of a fighter either. I guess he lost his first couple of matches. People told me, he'd be a better fit for boxing. MMA was too tough for him they said. Bull shit. If he tried to box, he'd get destroyed. Boxers would crush him and crush his spirit, way worse than any MMA fighter could do.

I see this "sport" losing steam within the next five to six years. It just doesn't have lasting power. I think people will become bored with it and it will morph into some kind of wrestling clone. Better yet, a wrestling wannabe. MMA will NEVER be on the same level as boxing.



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