The Papacy Complex of Washington DC

New uniforms for DC police?

New uniforms for DC police?

I am absolute and will never be wrong.

That is the attitude that has taken hold in Washington DC. We have popularly elected a government of Popes. These "representatives" believe they were chosen by a higher source, and their message cannot be questioned. Our national government has no curiosity, ability to compromise, or empathy. They are infallible. They are the Alpha and the Omega. We are mere vassals to fatten their coffers.

The infallibility complex of Washington DC is the number one reason our government is completely worthless. Starting with the President and filtering through every office on Capitol Hill, our government would rather feed us lies than actually fix the problems facing the nation. These elected officials cannot be dumb enough to think that their never ending lies are being bought by the majority of citizens. How can our representatives think that we buy the garbage they are selling? Philosopher George Costanza once said "It is not a lie if you believe it". Is our government a bunch of Costanzas? Would you rather have hundreds of Popes or hundreds of Costanzas? Does Speaker Boehner believe that people think the Republican Party is for the lower and middle class working family? If he believes that, it must not be a lie.  Does President Obama believe that we think he boot strapped his way to the highest elected office? If he believes that, it must not be a lie. These are the leaders that will steer this country through our next great crisis (it is coming soon). We deserve better. We need to have a better group of leaders.

The best recent example of the Papacy complex is the current Benghazi fiasco. What fascinates me about Benghazi is how easy it is to figure out what all parties want. The Republican Party wants to find a way to impeach Obama, and they want to torpedo Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions. Those are the republicans only goals. They do not care at all about terrorism. The current Republican establishment will only use terrorism as a fear tactic when they can assign race to the issue. A white man with an agenda kills a bunch of people, that is an unfortunate crime. A non-white person does the same thing, and it is the worst terror attack since the last. They do not care about the lives lost. They only care about gaining an edge on a political issue. The Republicans want Meet the Press and Politico to continue the cheerleading of Benghazi in order to embarrass the highest profile Democrats. 

President Obama and the Democratic party has their infallibility problems with Benghazi as well. Since day one, President Obama has been afraid of being weak on the War on Terrorism. Anytime we have had a terror like issue, the Obama administration has been very swift in making a statement condemning the act. These swift actions have yielded unclear, and confusing, official statements on the terror activities. Morons like Sean Hannity get upset because our non-white president will not scream terror. I do not believe we need to use code words to appeal to the sub par intelligence of Master Hannity. I do think that the Obama administration has rushed to finding a reason for the attacks in order to protect their political identity. Benghazi was not about a movie, yet the administration kept floating that narrative out. To this day, the White House has yet to ascribe a motive to the deaths of four American foreign services workers. In order to not be wrong, in order to be infallible, the administration would rather not correct the record.

Benghazi is just one recent example of how the need to appear right has destroyed any credibility in our government. Every person I know that has an opinion on Benghazi will defend their position based on what side they want to defend. The Republicans look only to weaken President Obama or Hillary Clinton. The Democrats seek only to paint the Republicans as investigation happy zealots. There is no room for thinking. The narrative has been set. If we deviate from what the story is, the lie will be exposed.

What happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 is a tragedy. Four Americans were not the only ones killed, over one hundred Libyans also lost their lives protecting US interests. It is very likely that we will never know what happened to cause the tragedy. We honor no one by being political opportunists. We insult those who serve by being self serving and lying about our motivations. Investigations should yield answers. Our leaders should lead the country, not a party. Being a partisan hack only gives you the reputation for being a hack.

Accepting the infallibility of people is a tricking proposition. I was raised catholic. The Pope is infallible because God is speaking through him. Right or wrong, that is the belief handed down to me. I have stopped believing the idea of any human being infallible. I do not believe anyone in our government is a pope. Everyone else needs accept that Washington DC is not infallible. Only then will our government start to work on solving the problems coming our way. That is the only way America thrives.

RD Kulik

RD Kulik is the Head Editor for SeedSing and host of the X Millennial Man Podcast. In order to break his infallibility complex, we need you to write for SeedSing. RD is also willing to tell everyone your product is the best, no lies - advertise with SeedSing.