NBA offseason part III: Honor and DeAndre Jordan.

With the reported news that DeAndre Jordan is going back to the Clippers, I just want to talk about how cowardly and childish of a move this is.

When you become an adult in the professional world, your word should be as good as gold. What you say and promise and verbally agree too should be what you do. But, when your a child, you back out of situations that may be scary or different for you. You, DeAndre Jordan are a cowardly child. I hope you like being the fourth banana on your team. That's right, crybaby Chris Paul is number one, the highly overrated Blake Griffin is two and JJ Redick, the guy who does his hair before games, is the third option on the team. All you are good for to the Clippers is your rebounding and rim protection. I'm sure they told you that you'll get more touches. Guess what, they're liars just like you are. This team doesn't trust you, especially late in games since your free throw shooting is so embarrassingly bad. I wish Adam Silver would step in and do something to stop this nonsense. Up to now, Silver has done the right thing for the most part. This one week moratorium before players actually sign has to be fixed. You also managed to make Mark Cuban look like a good guy who was wronged. MARK CUBAN! I can't believe how much of a chump move you've made this evening. You wouldn't even let Cuban talk to you. You literally boarded your front door and won't even talk to him like an adult. DeAndre Jordan, I hope you're happy with your stupid, stupid decision. Chris Paul is never going to lighten up on you, even when you make the tiniest of mistake. He's a prima donna and you are about to sign up to play with him for the next five years. At least you've said you will sign, who knows, maybe at 11:59eastern time you will sign with the Knicks or something. Who knows what's going on in your mind right now. For all we know, it's something idiotic and childish. Oh and congrats Doc Rivers on getting more people to dislike you with this move. Other people may have forgotten, but when you took the job, you tried desperately to trade DeAndre Jordan for Kevin Garnett. You wanted to get rid of Jordan so badly, that you'd rather had an aging, injury riddled Garnett on your team. This whole situation stinks and the Clippers are the whiniest, most annoying franchise that's never done ANYTHING EVER. Oh, and have fun being bounced in the second round of the playoffs again. The Thunder will be at full strength next season, Houston already beat you guys during your collapse in last years playoffs and the Spurs signed LaMarcus Aldridge and got David West to take the veterans minimum. So good luck with all that. DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griifin, Chris Paul and Doc Rivers, you all deserve each other because you're all snakes.

A bunch of lying, back stabbing, conniving snakes.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for Seed Sing. He is a man of his word, and his word is the Clippers stink. Follow him on twitter @tykulik.