The Republicans may write Rand Paul off. The Democrats should not.

I have written a lot lately on the problems with the national Republican voter base. It is a big problem that the party leaders seem to have little interest in solving. When society evolves, the national republicans devolve. When people celebrate love, the national Republicans embrace fear and hate. The party orchestrated a masterful takeover of the local seats of power, but they are losing their grip on the nation at large. There is not a single Republican candidate that can beat a Democratic candidate in a national election, except one.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is the Republican of the future. His views are dangerous, his voting record is destructive to anyone below the highest levels of the upper class, but he is the only person who can activate the millennial voter base. Senator Paul claims to be a libertarian, and most of the time he delivers on his convictions. He stupidly, yet also kind of bravely, defended his opinion that the civil rights laws should be rolled back. He does not join the loud chorus of Republicans that hate the LGBT community. He is friendly with the pro-marijuana legalization community (gotta love some Aqua Buddha). Most importantly, Senator Paul was the only member of Congress to stand up and filibuster the horrid use of drones. These are views that excite the millennial voter base.

Senator Paul has one big obstacle in his run for the Presidency, the Republican party. Corporate Republicans like Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell do not like Rand Paul. The religious right is definitely not going to throw their support his way. Rand Paul is seen as a troublesome upstart by the established Republican Party. The same established party that brought us Sarah Palin and two consecutive losses to Barack Obama. They seem to know what their doing.

The national Democratic party should thank the god(s) that the republicans will stop Rand Paul. He is the only republican that could actually defeat the Democratic presidential candidate in 2016. Senator Paul is the only person running who would excite the millennial voter base.  The baby boomers and the gen xers are locked in voting groups, the millennials are under engaged. The party who can excite them, can win any election. The only excitement surrounding the Democratic candidates is the history of electing the first woman to be president. Rand Paul is talking about issues, and standing up for ideals, embraced by the millennials. Hillary Clinton (and the other Dems) need to start talking to the millennials about the issues that really matter. Issues like student loan reform, job opportunities, marijuana legalization and NO MORE DRONE STRIKES. Rand Paul is moving on some of these issues, the Democratic party is largely silent.

Rand Paul will not be the Republican party's 2016 nominee for President. The current leaders would rather submit to corporations and be hateful. Once again a Democratic politician will be inaugurated as president in January of 2017. That president should be worried. In 2020 Rand Paul may take control of the Republican national identity, and his ascension to be President of the United States will be hard to stop.

God(s) help us.

RD Kulik

RD is the Head editor for Seed Sing. Since he gets Kentucky media, Senator Paul is very familiar. He still loves to talk about Aqua Buddha worship. He will really worship people who write for Seed Sing.