Cloves and Fedoras: Ty lets you know about the greatness of Silicon Valley

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I just want to take a moment of my time to talk about one of the best shows on T.V.

Silicon Valley may be the best comedy on TV(maybe the second best behind Louie). The cast is made up of great improvisers that have known each other one way or another since before they were cast on the show together. Thomas Middleditch, who plays the lead character Richard, is perfectly cast as the squirmy, uncomfortable founder and CEO of Pied Piper. Some of my favorite moments are when Richard tries to stand up for himself and take charge. It's so funny to watch him try to be a bad ass. It doesn't fit his demeanor at all, but Thomas Middleditch is such a good actor, you think in your mind, he might have this tough side to him. Gilfolye(Martin Starr) and Dinesh(Kumail Nanjiani) are great as Pied Piper's two main coders. These two are always trying to one up each other. But, I also feel like they're really best friends and this is just how you act towards your best friend. Starr and Nanjiani take their smallish roles in the show and make them huge. They're great comedy actors and improvisers. Jared(Zach Woods), who's Pied Piper's business manager is the quiet, mousy punching bag for everyone, but he's also the most cheerful guy working there. Every challenge they're faced with, Jared finds a positive spin for it. And this brings us to Ehrlich(the wonderfully cast TJ Miller). He's the "incubator" for the guys. Pied Piper is run through his living room. He's a guy who cashed in his company when the bids were high and now he has people with business ideas come to him and pitch. TJ Miller is so good in this role. It's almost as if Mike Judge wrote it specifically for him. He's so egotistical, but there's moments when you see shreds of humility in him. TJ Miller deserves any and every award that should be coming his way for his role in this show. He's incredible. The addition of Russ Hanneman(Chris Diamantopoulos), the billionaire financier, has been really good too. He's a very douchey, rich guy who's never really earned his money, but believes that Pied Piper can make him richer. Every scene with him is met, by me, with a held breath, thinking how will he screw these guys over. This show is a must watch for improvised comedy fans out there. It is so well acted and directed. The season finale(season two) is this Sunday, June 14th, so catch up if you haven't already and enjoy this wonderful show.

It's really excellent.


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