Cleveland once again will need to wait for next year.

Well there goes my hope for a great NBA Finals.

Now that its been reported that Kyrie Irving has a fractured knee cap and requires surgery and he will be out 3 to 4 months, I need to make a change to my NBA Finals prediction. In my previous blog, I picked the Warriors to win in five games. Now, with Irving out and Matthew Dellavedova, the guy that the team left at the arena the other night and he had to take an Uber to the team hotel, will be starting, I'm changing my pick from Warriors in five, to a sweep by the Warriors. This is a huge blow to an already hobbled Cavaliers team. If the game on Thursday night showed us anything, no matter how well Lebron James plays, the Warriors have a complete team that plays great defense and offense. Way too many iso plays by the Cavs, with the only two being able to score Lebron and Irving, the Cavs are in serious trouble. They have to feel even worse, because both Klay Thompson and Steph Curry didn't play anywhere close to where they normally do. They threw up some air balls and they were throwing bad passes that turned into turnovers. I don't see the two of them playing any worse than they did on Thursday night and that is doom for Cleveland. Now with Dellavedova being the point guard and having to guard Steph Curry. That simply means Curry is going to light Dellavedova up. It might be embarrassing for the Saint Mary's grad. Unfortunately for all of us watching the Finals, after how great Game One was, this is going to be a stomping for the Warriors. Lebron can carry the Cavs only so far. Even if he goes for 60 points in each of the next three games, it won't be enough. JR Smith's jumper looks broken, and Shumpert and Dellavedova can only make threes when they are wide open. That won't happen against the Warriors. And, Tristan Thompson and Timofy Mozgov can only give a little help on offense. I think they had a combined 20 to 25 points on Thursday and that was a great night from the two of them.

Sorry, GM, coach and player, Lebron, you'll have to wait until next season to have a shot at another ring.

(Ed note: I originally disagreed with Ty and said Cavs in 6.  I am a wrong person and agree with Ty on this one. Warriors in 4).


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