The NBA Finals are over, but what did it all mean?

Now that the NBA Finals are over and the Golden State Warriors are champs, let's look back at the series and how my prediction turned out.

Initially I picked the Warriors to win in five games, stating that the Cavs have Lebron James, so he will get them at least one game, but Golden State was so much more well rounded. After game one, when Kyrie Irving went down, I was certain, a little too certain, that the Warriors would sweep. I didn't see the Cavs being able to overcome two huge injuries to their team and the remaining players left were going to cripple them, no matter how well James played. Games two and three proved me wrong. The guy I crushed, Matthew Dellavedova, played excellent defense on Steph Curry, and he was coming up with improbable basket after improbable basket. Tristan Thompson and Timofy Mozgov were killing them on the boards and their defense was suffocating. Things were looking great for the Cavs after game three, leading the series 2-1.

Then game four happened.

The Warriors backs were against the wall and it was a must win. With this much at stake, Steve Kerr made a big change in his starting lineup which ended up being very crucial for the Warriors, he inserted Andre Iguodala into the lineup over Andrew Bogut. Iguodala was the only player who seemed to annoy Lebron on defense, forcing him into contested jumpers. That's how you beat a team led by Lebron James, you turn him into a jump shooter. As great as Lebron is, he's, at best, an average jump shooter. This isn't meant to take anything away from Lebron. He was dominate in this series, seeming un-guardable at times. He led both teams in points per game, rebounds and assists per game. That's never happened in the finals before. With the Finals being all said and done, Lebron deserved the MVP of the series, even in a losing effort. He was the best player on the court by far. Kudos to Lebron James. But, let's get back to game four. The Warriors, using this smaller lineup, ran up and down the court on a very tired, poor shooting Cavs team. This was how I expected the Warriors to play the whole series. They crushed Cleveland in Cleveland. They won the game by twenty one points and it wasn't even that close. Three days later, back at Oracle in Oakland, game five was played and Steph Curry decided it was time to go off. This was a very competitive game for three and a half quarters, with what seemed like a hundred lead changes. Then Steph started to do Steph Curry type things. I'm sure he was tired of hearing that Dellavedova, who on his best day is a good tenth or eleventh guy off the bench in the NBA, was shutting him down. His wizardry as a ball handler and supreme scorer was on full display for the last twelve minutes of game five. He would dribble himself open and he seemed to bury almost every three he took, defended or guarded, it didn't matter. This was the Steph Curry I expected all series long. He schooled Dellavedova and I've got to say, I enjoyed watching him abuse Dellavedova's pride and ankles. He was on skates. Needless to say, the Warriors pulled away late and won game five by double digits, despite Lebron's forty plus points and triple double. Then last night was game six, the potential close out game. The Cavs and the self proclaimed "best player in the world" Lebron James came out with a purpose. They tried, and succeeded for about a quarter, to turn this into a slow, low scoring game. But, the Warriors and specially Andre Igoudala and Draymond Green would not be denied. Igoudala scored a season high 23 points and Green recorded a triple double. Two role players coming up huge once again for the Warriors. That's what Lebron lacked in the series. His "role" players did next to nothing for him, and when he needed them the most, they didn't show up. Dellavedova was afraid to shoot the ball and kept throwing his terrible lob passes. Iman Shumpert is way more injured than he's letting on and JR Smith checked out of this series a long time ago. The only guys he could count on were Thompson and Mozgov, and that's not going to win you rings. Curry on the other hand, got help from everyone on the team except for, shockingly, Klay Thompson. He had no impact on this series whatsoever. Andre Igoudala was so impressive in this series he ended up winning MVP, deservedly so if they weren't going to give it to Lebron. He's the first player to win MVP of the finals that didn't start every game. Lebron played out of his mind and proved that he's the best player in basketball at the current moment, but you need a whole team of, at the very least, half way decent players and the Warriors have that. So, I was only off by one game from my initial preview. I also hope that Steph continues to bring his daughter to press conferences so assholes like Skip Bayless and Brian Windhorst have to deal with it. Those two are smug, arrogant buttheads that deserve to be "annoyed" by someone's child being at their so called "job". Almost nothing else would make me jump for joy like having to watch those two be put in uncomfortable situations for them. They're the worst. But I digress.

Congrats Golden State, you earned and deserve this title.

(Ed note: This is why Ty picks the sports, once again I was wrong with my Cavs in 6 pick)


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