Ty gives his praise to the Tracy Morgan interview.

This is Ty's follow up to his article on Tracy Morgan.  You can read his original thoughts here.

I just watched the Tracy Morgan interview on the Today Show and that is one strong man. He showed a lot of strength in just doing it and he hit a home run. He didn't try to tell jokes or be funny, he just told the truth and showed that he's a real person that has gone through a terrible tragedy. He lost one of his best friends and he showed his true emotions on national television. He misses his friend dearly and just bringing up the name Jimmy McNair brought him to tears. Anyone who's lost someone can really feel for Tracy Morgan. Matt Lauer asked him if he was going to go back to performing or acting and Morgan responded as only he could. He said he loves doing comedy, referring to it as her, and he wants to get back to it, but he also said that he's not 100 percent yet. He has two scars on his heard where he suffered brain trauma and he's still using a cane from the broken leg, but today was the first step toward his return. This interview was everything I hoped it would be.

Tracy Morgan is on his way back.


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