A step up for the Axe body spray spokesman? Ty's thoughts on the new Hamburglar.

What in the world is McDonald's thinking with their re branded "Hamburglar"?

He looks like some hipster tool that just walked out of a Hot Topic store in the mall. Who is McDonald's trying to appeal to? Frat boys and douche bags. This makes no sense to me whatsoever. Why would they decide to make it a real person? What made the original "Hamburglar" tolerable was the fact it was a cartoon character. Now they have this real person, with an unshaven half beard, leather red gloves, a black cape, a stupid fedora, the striped shirt and a leather mask! What in the world were the marketing executives thinking? Who are the geniuses that thought this was a good idea. The people at the top are either very old or very stupid. I wouldn't want to hang out with this wannabe "actor" anymore than I'd let him sell me or my family a hamburger. And this poor guy that took this job. He was probably so excited. Probably a down on his luck "actor" just hoping for a break and along comes McDonald's with a job offer. How could anyone refuse. I'm sure he showed up for his first day ready to go and then they showed him what he would be wearing. I bet his heart sunk. But I'm sure he was convinced that this would be a good thing and he did his job like any struggling "actor" would do. Poor, poor guy. This is beyond absurd to me, but that being said, McDonald's will continue to make money hand over fist no matter how dumb their executives ideas are.



Ty is the Pop Culture editor at Seed Sing.  He doesn't visit McDonald's that often, and will be going less as if the Hamburglar is hanging out.