Ty is tired of idiots who fight coffee and embrace racism

Idiots make my head hurt

Idiots make my head hurt

I don't get political on this site ever. I'm not into politics and I feel that's its best, for me, to keep my political beliefs to myself. Politics are RD's thing and he does them well. But, two recent news stories have really gotten to me. They've both made me angry for very different reasons. I feel that I need to talk about these things because, if I keep them inside, I'll explode.

I am going to start with this whole Starbucks thing with the red cups. First of all, who really gives a shit about the cup that you're drinking delicious coffee out of? I've never noticed the cup before, but these recent stories coming from jack ass religious people are boiling my blood. The religious right is complaining that Starbucks is unholy because they aren't doing their Christmas or holiday cups this year. They're just doing a red cup. First of all, I like that Starbucks is trying to not affiliate itself with any holiday. A corporation shouldn't have to tell or show you their religious beliefs. Who cares what you believe in, as long as you aren't hurting anyone and the product is good? That's what I say. But, these asshole Christians coming into a Starbucks, or going on live TV or social media and degrading Starbucks for "taking the Christ out of Christmas" need to get a god damned life. Hey assholes, maybe the people who run Starbucks don't celebrate the same holiday that you do. People all over the world celebrate different holidays. That's why people should say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" this time of year. Not everybody is a Christian, I hate to burst your bubble Catholics and any other iteration of Christians. Also, how do you know that your "God", if there is even a God(I personally don't believe there is) celebrates Christmas? Just because your dumbass Bible tells you so doesn't make it true. The Bible is as reliable as someone saying, "I heard it from a friend of a friend". It's all hearsay and conjecture, and written by governments so the established white people stayed in power. It's ridiculous story after ridiculous story passed down and rewritten many times. Basically, the Bible is a crock of shit. It's as reliable as a story from "In Touch" magazine or "Us Weekly". It's a rag, and it's false. I used to believe pretty heavily in this stuff, and if you do believe, that's great for you, just don't stuff your religious opinion down my throat, I don't care. But, I grew up and was taught science through my folks. Now, I am a man of facts, not faith. So, all you wacko Christians going into Starbucks and saying your name is Merry Christmas, get a life and find some real things to complain about. Instead of bitching and moaning about a stupid cup, put your religious fervor towards something that matters. Try helping starving children overseas and in America. Do something that helps, stop complaining about a cup.

A bunch of imbeciles.

The other thing that has me upset is this whole situation going on in Columbia, Missouri at the University of Missouri. To get it out in the open immediately, I side with what the students and players did, going on strike until that racist, ignorant and arrogant piece of shit president resigned. They did the absolute right thing. What makes me angry are people out there calling these students and athletes spoiled and arrogant and saying that their scholarships should be revoked. What kind of ass backwards shit is that? These kids did something very important and took a stand against racism. Why should the football players have to give up their scholarships? Why do people think that going on strike made these kids feel entitled? How is what they did any different than when we have a labor union strike? These laborers, who seem to be the majority of people that dislike what the students and athletes did, get upset when another company comes in and undercuts them, offers a lower price to make a product and that certain company goes with the cheaper price. Then, while driving around or taking my son to his basketball game, I have to see grown ass adults holding a sign that says "Shame on Lucky's Market" or "Shame on insert company name here" for hiring non union workers. I'm sorry, but I thought your beloved America was a country that was built on commerce. Why wouldn't a company take a cheaper price to give you the same product? Who gives a shit if the name Boeing is attached when some other company can make me the same stuff for a lesser price. So, I ask again, why is what the students and the athletes at the University of Missouri did any different than when laborers go on strike? The only difference I see is racism. The now former president of the University of Missouri was and is clearly a racist. He does not care about students of color. Take their non violent protest when they stood in front of his Corvette and he had his driver, because of course he has a driver, rev the engine and eventually bump into some of the students. What the hell is that? Why don't these kids deserve to feel safe? They are away from their families, most of them in a new town, and they have to deal with stupid ass, privileged white boys yelling racial slurs at them and the president of the university does nothing. That's a crying shame. Did I miss something, because I thought we were in the 21st century. This is supposed to be a golden age where everyone is equal. Men, women, white people, black people, brown people, Chinese people, so on and so forth. But, this doesn't seem to be the case on Missouri's campus right now. They reverted to the 50's, and that was not a good time in America. I find it totally obnoxious that the people complaining the most about the protests are white people, that I assume. are all conservatives. That's absurd. Get over yourselves. We are all equal, contrary to what you dumbasses believe, and what these kids did was 100 percent in the right. Stop bad mouthing them and telling them they deserve to have their scholarships revoked. If they deserve that, all the laborers out there deserve to have their jobs taken away when they go on strike. Fair is fair, right? Conservatives will tell you an eye for an eye, right?

Just stop with all the nonsense and realize that we are in the 21st century. Not everyone celebrates, or even believes in Christmas, and we are all created equal. That's what they wrote in the Constitution over 200 plus years ago. We are all equals. And a big thank you to RD for giving me this platform to get on my soapbox about these two issues today. I needed to get this off my chest. I know I'll hear from people in the comment section and all I can say is, this is one man's opinion on these issues.

Take it or leave it.


Ty is the Pop Culture editor for SeedSing and the other host of the X Millennial Man podcast. His goal in life is to attend a gay wedding in Indiana that serves pizza at the reception. Follow Ty on twitter @tykulik