How Fear Rules your Street and Hope Inspires a Nation

Republicans should really get to know the hope of the Constitution

Republicans should really get to know the hope of the Constitution

The one thing that clearly emerged from the latest Republican Presidential debate is that we can start the plans for the Hillary Clinton 2017 Inaugural ball. I know not everyone believes Hillary will be the Democratic Party nominee, but we need to accept the fact she will be the nominee, and the 44th President of the United States. This is not a personal political statement, it is fact backed up by real numbers and math. When President Clinton, the second, takes office she will have a congress fully loaded with far right wing tea partiers who will do everything in their power to make sure our government will not function. So how is it possible that the people who vote for the misogynistic, racist, and generally hateful tea party will end up with the first female President in US history?

The original concept of democracy is dependent on a plurality of the masses to elect the candidate that best represents their views. In simple terms, if we have 3 different groups of people with their own ideas, if one of those groups has over 33.33 (and 3 to infinity)% of the entire population they will rule the seats of power. One does not need a majority, 50.1% to rule, you only need to control the largest minority group. This is how the modern Republican party, and its afterbirth of the tea party, have been able to take control of the congress, and most of the state governments. Redistricting and her ugly stepbrother gerrymandering have created voting areas that reward the most hateful groups. Districts have been created in order to reward the largest voting population, not the most populous areas. In many rural areas the most racist and hateful people will vote in overwhelming majorities. Take the southern border as an example. States like Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico demonize the immigrant culture. Voting laws are structured to make it difficult for everyone to vote, everyone except white men. If you can increase the voting group the tea party cares about, while shrinking the ones who may vote for the Democratic candidate, mission accomplished is the term the republicans like to use. 

It needs to be understood that the people who subscribe to the idea of white male christian victimhood vote in every election. The percentage of these voters will reach well over 90% of the eligible population. If the white male christian victims make up 50% of the population and the opposition groups make up the other 50% we should have a stalemate. When the other population only has 25% (or less) participate in the elections, and the white male christian victims vote in over 90%, well we have a district that will send the most racist, misogynist, and generally unpleasant person to make our laws. That is the math behind the unpleasantness in Washington D.C..

The national Republican Party has no hopefully vision for America. Their Presidential candidates all talk about how the country is going to fail. Many times it sounds like the hope for the country to fail. They love guns, gold, and powdered food. The Republican Party is heavily invested in the economics of sociological failure. These people are not patriots. The pre-primary season has awarded racism, misogyny, class warfare, and dangerous hate. These candidates are either dumb, or think that the voters are extremely unintelligent. The pathetic national media covering this clown show said the most celebrated moment of the debate was when failed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said they were going to kick President Obama'a butt out of the White House. Thankfully incompetent blowhards like Christie will not have to do anything to remove Obama. The US Constitution has it all covered to make President Obama leave. These Republicans should really read the Constitution some time. It is a fascinating document.

The Democratic Party, and next President Hillary Clinton, need to only offer Americans hope for their country and they will win every Presidential election. Sometimes that hope is quite simply a belief in the exceptionalism of America. We take in the hungry, the poor, and huddled masses, and give them a chance to be something. Most of America feels good about this image of America.  When we allow the entire country to vote, with very little regional sectarianism, hate and fear gets put to the side. The election for President has mainly been a moment of national hope and patriotism. The constant drumbeat of American failure from the Republican Party cannot gerrymander their way into the White House. 

The Republican Party has been masterful in creating a Congress who represent less than half of white men. The lack of investment in local politics by the Democratic Party (represented by The Ohio Problem) has given voice to the most backward thinking, unpatriotic people in all of America. When it comes to the Presidential election the Republicans have ceded half of the white vote, most of the women voters, and nearly all of the minority vote. Those groups represent a supermajority.  This massive number will make the 2016 election a blowout. The math adds up, hope is much greater than fear.

RD Kulik

RD is the Head editor for SeedSing. Many of his friends cannot imagine a Presidential election without Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump. They are wrong. Come state your case for your candidate by writing for SeedSing.