Episode CI: The X Millennial Man Oral History of Netflix

The X Millennial Man is talking about all things Netflix today. Be it DVD rentals by mail, or non-stop streaming of old 80's cartoons, Netflix has completely changed the way we consume entertainment. Join Ty and RD as they discuss the history, and speculate about the future, of everything Netflix has to offer. Download for free today.

Episode LXXVIII: The When, Where, How, and Why of Getting the News

Did you hear that Beyonce is pregnant with twins? The X Millennial Man heard about it in all the places fit, and not so fit, to give us news. But what does it all mean, if anything? Join Ty and RD as they look back at the evolution of information delivery. Was the news always like Fox News? Is social media going to save us from ignorance? Where should we go to find all the news fit for our minds? Download for free today and get all the answers.

Episode LXVII: Trolls and Other Monsters Who Live on the Internet

Think the house is scary. The people inside are way more creepy

Think the house is scary. The people inside are way more creepy

Happy Halloween. Join the X Millennial Man as they travel the spooky roads of internet trolls. What is a MRA, MGTOW, or a Donald Trump? Why should we not travel the same paths that these creepy characters travel? Download for free and come in for a listen.

Indulge in some extra reading.

New York Times: The 282 People, Places, and Things, Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List.

I Went to a Trump Rally to See for Myself. This is What it was Like. By H. Alan Scott

Episode XIII: Piracy on the High Internet

Piracy is rampant on all corners of the internet. Kirk and Ty have a lot of experience with bootlegged entertainment and as they have grown up, the way entertainment is consumed has fundamentally changed. They discuss how piracy practices became the norm for big companies. What value has internet piracy had for society? Is this a good or a bad thing? Come take a listen.

Indulge in some supplemental reading from Kirk.

Episode V: Jazz Interlude in the Style of the Internet

Ty, Tina, and RD sit down and riff about the internet. With recent news surrounding the problems of Reddit, Gawker, and Ashley Madison, the internet is getting ready to change. What will be the use, and innovation of the internet in the future? How can people without connections and influence change the world with the use of only their voices and the internet? When will Google send back the first terminator?

Ed note: The host (me) says that Minority Report came out in 2013. We are not podcasting from the future (yet). The film came out in 2002, 13 years ago.