Let us help you get elected

Seed Sing exists as a portal for regular people to express their ideas and opinions.  The New Way Forward is the tip of the spear that will help us take back and improve our society.  Right now the political process is controlled by out of touch local parties, big moneyed interests, and a lazy corporate media. We want to change that. 

I was listening to an interview of humorist Dave Barry by the Cracked podcast (http://www.cracked.com/podcast/dave-barry-why-russia-florida-are-so-weird/), where Dave Barry said that elections are funny because the candidates assume we are incredibly stupid (I am paraphrasing, listen to the podcast to get the more nuanced explanation).  He is correct.  I want to give the electorate their intelligence back.

The New Way Forward is Seed Sing's way of giving the newest (and most inexperienced) future leaders a chance to get a leg up in the broken electoral process.  Here at Seed Sing we want to allow you the ability to connect to others,  gain their support, help you fund raise, and give you valuable professional assistance to run a winning campaign.  SeedSing will give you:

  1. A free place to create a candidate profile on seedsing.com
  2. A way to allow potential supporters from all over the world to send you needed funds to assist in your campaign.
  3. Over twenty years of local electoral experience to help craft a professional, modern campaign.

A primary goal of Seed Sing is to help reform our electoral process, and in the future reshape our actual government.  We will post helpful tips and look to support any future leader who wants to leave behind the antiquated political ways.  We are looking for the leaders of the 21st century.  

Contact seedsingrdk@gmail.com to create your profile and be on your way to a winning, modern campaign.

RD Kulik

Head Editor